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Why Your Exercise Is Not Giving Results – 2

Why Your Exercise Is Not Giving Results – Part 2

Here are some reasons of your exercise failure that why you are not getting better results of your workouts. Also find what to do for the best muscles and fitness in short time.

In the previous article we were discussing why our exercise does not show results and there we discussed three main reasons. Here are the rest of some causes.

Before everything, you should know that some People try yoga along with physical workouts. Yoga is a best discipline for fitness. The experts have defined some latest yoga poses for weight loss and fat burning. You may adopt yoga poses for this purpose but here we are confined to fitness with exercises and workouts. If you find that your daily exercise, routine gym attendance and your trainer’s latest fitness tips are not working then Have a look on the followings.

Are you Doing Cardio?

Most the fitness fans are fan of cardio and no doubt that is the best way to make your muscles lean and burn your fat naturally. You will lose the calories after all but there is another thing. Only the cardio will not change your body structure and you will not have better cuts and flattened abs there. Fat cutting plans often leave you in the middle. I mean you will succeed to lose weight fast, but you don’t get standard body shape and you think that the exercise is not giving good results.

In my opinion you include lunges, push-ups, kettle bell training or circuit training in your workout plan. You can adopt one or more of these according to your choice and likelihood. You must satisfy your gym trainer for this. These exercises cut your fat and decrease your weight in best shape. You get beautiful and attractive muscle cuts with the Lower BMI number gradually.

Count Your Calories

What did you ate today. I know that it will be according to your diet chart but what about the small mistakes that you made during the previous month. A pizza with friends, some extra drinks or something purchased from the nearby shop like chewing gum or chocolate. Secondly how much calories you burnt during this time and how much do you have reserved in the body.

For the better results of exercise you will have to be well familiar with the calorie quantity of all the foods you eat. Also beware with the workout outputs that how much calories a specific exercise is burning. A balanced diet and calorie chart will give you a better exercise output in the shape of slim body, lean muscles and well defined cuts.

Don’t be Hurry

How many days have you spent in the gym? How long have you been in the fitness workouts plan? May be that you are showing some hurry. Overnight fitness comes only with the fitness pills, fat cutter compounds and other unnatural ways. Fitness with exercise takes time. In the first few days, you just prepare your body for the workouts. First three days you feel pains and aches which later on remove with the time. To the best of my experience the results start coming after 10 to 15 days and the exact goals may be year longer.

So wait peacefully if you want natural fitness, otherwise you may get your muscles injured. Don’t be hurry. You are going to change your physique. The change that comes soon, that goes sooner too. Carry on your exercises, keep increasing quantity and quality of workouts and wait. You will be happy with your smart body.

Be healthy and happy.

I gave a previous article on this topic and the more reasons are coming in the next article please.

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