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Why My Exercise Is Not Proving Effective – 4

Why My Exercise Is Not Proving Effective – 4

Here are some main reasons of workout failures. These elements stop your muscles and fitness to improve. With these tips, make your exercise effective in real sense.

In the previous 3 we discussed many things which are an obstacle in the way of your workouts results. If you are having proper eating, well planned diet chart for fitness and are doing your exercises with right quantity and quality but still worried about well defined lean muscles then concentrate on any or all of the followings.

How Is Your Sleep?

Often we don’t get away from the sleep intentionally. It just happens for some reasons. Sleeping is one of the more useful things of our life. It is not only necessary but a vital thing. It brings our body back to normal position once in the day. Our body is under control of our brain and brain must have a rest after each 18 hours. Secondly the sleep produces some vital hormones which are necessary for our fitness, health and even for life. So lack or excess of sleep may affect your exercises adversely and all your hard work may go in vain.

Never miss your sleep and never have an excessive sleep. In both conditions your muscles, blood flow and mental health may disturb which will hurriedly reduce your exercise concerns and outputs. Be remembered that maximum sleep time is 9 hours and minimum sleeping duration is 6 hours. And one thing I forgot that never hurry to bed or sex after eating or drinking. Always have some walk before sleep.

Your Usual Life

How do you spend your day? For how much time do you walk? Are you constantly sitting for a long time? Our office work, meetings, gatherings and usual life mostly contains sitting. Sitting for a long time is negative to physical fitness. We can’t help not sitting for long time but you can manage your poses. If you are in something which forces you sit for longer period then divide it into portions. Don’t sit more than half an hour in one step. Just leave the chair or place with some excuse. Make it fatal to sit for a continuous complete hour. Have a stand even if it is for seconds. Even after work out don’t be late in resting pose.

Before and After Exercise Routine

This is the last thing we do. We go to the gym and start the exercise at once or after a small warm up. Good warm up is base. You are to make your body warm to move each muscle there in. So the minimum time for the warm up is 5 minutes. Your physical trainer or gym coach will tell you the best way to get warmed up. Make it the part of your workouts.

The second thing are the after exercise activities. When you have completed your workout or gym activities, never sit at once. Take some time by standing or walking. Do not lie down even if you are tired. Don’t drink anything for about 10 minutes. Let your body temperature and blood flow calm down. The first best thing is to have a round of wash room and urination. It brings your temper back to normal. At piece your muscles try to restore the energy and strength you have lost during physical movements.

This thing works just as the hot mirror of wind screen is cooled down. They never cool it down with speed. Otherwise the mirror shows layers and traces, as the internal surface cools down later than upper layer. Same is the case with you. Be careful.

Our question was

Why your exercises are not giving the desired results?

The answer contains in Article 1, Article 2, and this article. Hope you find satisfaction. Feel free to ask anything here in the comments.

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