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Why Exercise is not Resulting – Part 1

Why Exercise is not Resulting – Part 1

Many months exercise, best and healthy diet plan, regular sleep and healthy life style, but muscle cuts are not well defined. Read why it is happening with you.

You joined the gym, adopted best workouts plans for muscles and fitness but still not satisfied. What is not working in whole healthy exercise schedule? Is it diet plan missing healthy nutrients or gym coach is not a certified physical trainer. Sometimes it happens that we do much from Pilates, healthy foods, muscle gaining activities and six pack abs but finds it hard to have 100% muscles and fitness. Still there are some guys in the fitness center who have powerful lean muscles and cuts more than you. What to do.

Here we shall discuss some reasons due to which your workouts are not proving useful and successful.

  1. Work is Less than Needed

How much time you are spending in the gym or for the workouts? How many minutes you spend in talking, drinking eating and sitting there beside the exercise equipment? When you were standing on the exercise machine and were talking o beautiful face, you were not doing exercise. So don’t count it. Rest is rest, although necessary but not the exercise.

Secondly your body becomes movement absorber with the passage of time. Your workouts steps get less effective after 15 days. So you are to add more and more things on the gym machines and weights. You will have to increase the quantity and quality both.

  1. Work is More than Needed

How wonder will you feel by this question? It is a fact that when you do exercise more than necessary your muscles break down. You waste your energy and fitness. Exercise is a physical activity and should not be a punishment to your body. As I said above, rest is best for every test. You must slow down when you fell tired, over exhausted or weakened. You should have leaves from gym or workout machines. There should be some time and days when you are free of all physical activities.

In my opinion in the start 6 days a week and 2 hours daily with the intervals after each 15 minutes. If you have spent months in muscle making fitness programs, then you should be under exercise for 5 days a week and about 4 hours with about 8 intervals of 5 minutes each.

  1. You need to have New Diet Plan

You should have A Wise and Precise Diet Plan for a Bodybuilder. You see that diet you are taking is not working well. Only the chart of nutrients is not enough. Every food having healthy elements like proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and necessary salts does not guarantee that you body is absorbing everything. Workouts increase the capacity of healthy digestion however each body has its own specification. You see some guys have more fitness than gym members and even without exercise and a specific fitness program too. It is because there body is taking out the best qualitative and quantitative ratio from their eating.

In my opinion you should concentrate what is working and what is not working from your food chart. Just eliminate step by step the foods which are giving no results. A common symbol is that when you eat something, your body will feel relax, if the diet is healthy for you. Yes. A healthy diet means what is healthy for you and not for others. So a continuous course will give you a best diet program for your health and fitness.

There are more reasons why your workouts fail to deliver best results. Read my next article.

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