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What Type of Piercing Gives you Low Pain?

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There are different piercings. We shall discuss types of piercing like ear piercing and tragus piercing along with the pain levels and methods.

Piercing means having or showing reasonableness or intense intelligence. The word is used for a process to cut any part of the body to make a whole for insertion of jewelry. Among all types of piercing ear piercing tragus piercing and tattoo is very common. Earrings for men and women especially the earrings gold design have been in use from years. When we see earring images and body piercing pictures online we wonder that how many types of piercing are there.

Piercing causes pain and injuries both. The pain level for each piercing is different. It is an observation that among ear piercing types, tragus piercing pain level is less than others. Tragus piercing infection requires less aftercare and easy healing methods. Place of piercing and size of hole does matter. Before tragus piercing, you must check piercing online and select tragus piercing jewelry for the concerned piercing type.

Types of Piercing

Different body parts need different piercings. There are six main kinds in the piercings list.

  1. Ear Piercings – Ear and Tragus piercing
  2. Facial Piercings – For cheeks, eyes, forehead and chin
  3. Genital Piercings – For sexual and genital organs
  4. Lip Piercings – includes upper and lower lip
  5. Oral Piercings – for throat and tongue
  6. Surface Piercings – include skin piercing of all the body
Tragus Piercing Pain Level

Tragus of the ear contains comparatively less blood vessels and flow. The width of the tissue is not so much and the bulk is smaller. So the pain sensors in this area are lesser than that of other ear cartilage. We can assume that the pain level of tragus piercing will be lesser than that of other piercings. However different people have different levels of pain tolerance. Some don’t even feel a harder pain and some starts crying over a minute pain. So this thing depends upon you. Skill of the Piercer and sharpness of the equipment also involves here.

Ear Piercings Types

There are two main types of ear piercing. First is with needle and second one is with piercing gun. Some experts prefer gun and some prefer needle. But my opinion is that you should select the needle piercing type. There are two reasons for this. First is that insertion of needle is easy than that of gun provided that you are in the hands of an expert. Secondly the needle can be sterilized easily. Cleanliness and sterilization of gun is difficult. Some Piercer may even not refresh it for the next piercing. So needle piercing is better choice.

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