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What is Alopecia Linked to in Actual

Hair loss

A short description of what is alopecia, what causes alopecia and what are its treatments. Is alopecia genetic, contagious or linked to cancer?

What is Alopecia Hair Loss?

Alopecia is a kind of disorder in which there is hair loss in patches. The scalp gets affected mostly and loss of hair mostly takes in circular parts. The hairs of the rest of the scalp and head retain as they were. Alopecia hair loss may be in one patch or more and is time bonded. Alopecia areata is not a bacterial or viral illness. It is a disorder and is an auto immune disorder. It is believed that the immune system of the body attacks itself on the body. In this attack the follicles which are the base of the hairs get infected and hair loss occurs.

Is Alopecia Contagious In Humans?

Alopecia is not contagious. A contagious disease is that which occurs due to an infection caused by some bacteria or virus. While in the alopecia case it occurs due to negative role of the body immune system.  There is no evidence that it took place due to an infection. The people who think it a contagious, actually mistake from the ringworm that causes hair loss from the scalp. But in actual the ring worm is not due to any infection.

Is Alopecia A Genetic Disease?

Alopecia may or may not be due to some genetic cycle. It is seen that it happens mostly in those persons who have some type of auto immune diseases. In simple words you can say that the person suffering from alopecia, will have some patient in his family with some disease that is due to immunity disorder.

Common example of such diseases are multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, type I diabetes, psoriasis, Addison’s disease, pernicious anemia, celiac disease, alopecia, lupus and thyroid disease. Most of these disorders cause hair loss too along with other problems.

What Is The Cause Of Alopecia?

As I said before, alopecia areata is not due to some bacteria or virus infection. So the real cause of alopecia is still unknown. The only thing that is known is the reverse and negative response of the body defense system. As a result of this attack, follicles stop working properly and are blocked. So the formation of new hairs does not take place. And hair loss happens.

Alopecia Areata Treatment

Alopecia cure is actually the correctness on alopecia causes. As it is due to immune system disturbance so the medicines and remedies contains about immune system. Some natural treatments of alopecia areata are there. For example garlic is used in this case. But the better thing is to concern the doctor. Alopecia treatment at home may not be so much effective in severe cases.

Doctors commonly prescribe Corticosteroids: Anti-inflammatory drugs. Apparently they are for the rightness of immune system. Corticosteroids are used in many shapes.

  • It may be injected in the scalp at infected area
  • It be given as pills or tablets
  • It may be applied on the scalp skin as an ointment
  • The infected area may be rubbed with this medicine in cream or in ion foam shape.
Is Alopecia A Symptom Of Cancer?

No. Alopecia is not an exact symptom of cancer. It is a separate illness. However there are some diseases which may cause alopecia areata. For example, lichen planus, injury and discoid lupus etc. some hair loss situations may take place as a result of cancer chemotherapy. For example Anagen effluvium is a more prevalent hair loss which may even spread to the whole body.

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