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This Food Makes Your Breakfast Healthy and Light


Among your healthy foods list, breakfast recipes and weight loss diets, you are missing one thing. It is easy, good and quick breakfast idea for all ages.

Health and fitness is based on eating healthy foods and our eating starts from breakfast. So, healthy breakfast is good start for a healthy day. Healthy breakfast recipes stand on healthy diets and we get confused when we talk about long breakfast recipes. Doctors and fitness experts advise a proper meal plan and a list of fruits and foods to keep us fit. Our problem is short time and limited financial budget. We want all healthy nutrients for fitness within the lowest expenses.

The first goodness of a best breakfast is to be easy, quick and healthy. What I am going to talk here does follow the same rule. I am not going to prescribe a healthy diet, separate breakfast ideas for kids and men or meal plan for weight loss on your morning table. I am actually going to make your healthy breakfast foods more friendly and capable to provide you fitness, health, freshness and energy. My magic of healthy breakfast is wheat germ.

Wheat germ is part of a wheat kernel and along with the husk, is eliminated from refined wheat products .Wheat germ or cereal is not only a healthy and good breakfast idea but is also best for healthy lunches. You can add or stir wheat germ on any food you have on the morning table. Let’s see the health benefits of wheat germ as a healthy food.

Why Wheat Germ is a Healthy Breakfast?
  1. It is a best food supplement with the excellent nutritional value.
  2. Wheat germ contains vegetable proteins, fiber and healthy fats so add it in healthy breakfast recipes.
  3. It is a good antioxidant source and improves our immune system.
  4. It provides us thiamin, folate, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus. These are the ingredients of all healthy breakfast meals so it is best for kids and toddlers before school.
  5. It is big source of vitamin E. So, you are going to have a glowing face, shiny hair and brighter skin.
  6. Wheat germ is a good source to lose weight fast so it is one of the main healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss.
  7. It helps reduce fat and ultimately gain muscles.
  8. It reduces the risk of heart diseases – CDC
  9. Wheat germ oil can help control cholesterol levels – EFSA. It means you can add it in daily breakfasts, lunch and other meals.
  10. It keeps menopausal women healthy – Research Results
  11. It makes your meals digestible and saves you from constipation.
  12. It prepares your stomach for the next meal as it keeps the food and bowl moving onwards.
  13. You can add wheat germ in any food, so it is an easy, quick and good breakfast.

With such a large list of healthy nutrients and health benefits, wheat germ must be the part of all healthy breakfast foods.

How to Use Wheat Germ?

Wheat germ is added to cereals, some granolas, and cornbread. It is also offered raw. You can add it in ice cream, fruit pies, yogurt, hot or cold drinks and smoothies. It can be exercised as a food stabilizer or as a nutritional supplement.

Where Do You Find Wheat Germ In The Grocery Store?

Many super stores do not pile up wheat germ, but some big grocery stores hold it in the cereal aisle. There you will find them usually adjacent to the oatmeal bins. Nearly all health-food stores or natural food stores trade in wheat germ. It is available in mass bins, in packages, containers or in jars. If you have a problem discovering it in the store, ask the staff there.

Disclaimer: For lower ages use it after consulting a doctor

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