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50+ Magazines’ Covers Tattoo Designs Men with Sex Appeal


No doubt there are countless tattoo designs for men. What does a tattoo mean? A tattoo idea may consist of 3 things: A picture or image of something from life, a drawing of Virtual concept or Writing of words. In each case even a simple sketch will have a meaning or very deep meanings. So, from simple to the Best Tattoo Designs in the World, each one has some connotation in them.

You can get tattooed any part of the body. Male Guys’ favorite body parts are the upper and outer ones. They like tattooing shoulder, arm, forearm, wrist, chest and back. Some even go with small signs on neck and ears. Girls get painted small unique symbols on wrist, fingers and cheeks. But none is limited to anything.

An elder female likes to picture their attractive body parts like neck, chest, back and thighs. As each feminine is attached to sex sense, so they like to attach their tattoo meaning with the femininity.

Here is a tattoo gallery full of images for men. They are full of meanings and most of them have a secret sex appeal for opposite gender too. But which is the best tattoo for you?

The sense of best goes changing human to human. A person may pierce a photo for a lot of purposes, but one reason is very common. He wants to give a message to others. Even the ancient Greek soldiers made it to give a message of bravery and heroism. All the tattoo ideas revolve around this sense. So, the best tattoo for you is which best suits your inner self.

Let’s see these shadows traveling on different body parts!

  1. Tattoo Designs for Men with Meaning

Here are some symbolic blueprints on the guys. Each of these tattoos represents some unique idea. Such drawings have been tattooed from times. In some areas tattoos are not for style and beauty. It is a fact that people paint their bodies to evaluate their social status and position. For example in some areas of Malay, females pierce some special symbols to show their skills and potential.

So let’s get some suggestions to transform your outer skin layer for messages just like advertisement. Your personality will send and mms of your feelings to your friends, family and other people. It will be a story of your thoughts and explanations of your demands.

Shoulder is the most massive part. Male gender concerns to strength so they make a special show of shoulders. So piercing a meaningful painting on this massy flush is the best idea.

  1. Tattoo Designs for Men Arms

The arm is the part of the upper limb between the shoulder joint and the elbow joint. In common usage, the arm extends to the hand. People love signs and symbols. You don’t need to go complicated. Simple ideas always win the heart. If you some tattoo on your arm which simple and have deep meaning of life, you can win the party. Here are some simple symbolic tattoos for men arms.

  1. Tattoo Designs for Men Shoulder

When it comes to shoulder, females and guys both love to get some graceful am impressive design on it. A female have some privileges for front due to her dress. So the back shoulder idea is most liked for the women. The trending images mostly related to flowers on the back side of the shoulder. Soft gender soft image! But all the females are not soft. Especially my girlfriend…. Just keep quite!

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On the other hands, guys like opposite to a feminine.  They are to show some physically powerful impression. Also to have some sexual attraction, so they need something like blade tattoo. Here is gallery of best tattoo designs for men shoulder.

  1. Tattoo Designs for Male Wrist

I think the Indians are most advanced in tattooing the wrist of the guys and girls both. Wherever you see a mens wrist tattoos gallery, you always fine some eye-catching some unique Indian tattoos there. As like the male arm and forearm, the wrist can be tattooed from front and side both. So you find enough space to draw your dream pics on it. Here is a best collection of tattoo design for male wrist, side wrist, arm and forearm.

  1. Best Tattoo Designs in the World

The world is wide big. There is a huge range of likes and dislikes on the earth. This well populated planet has a diversification in speaking, understanding and doing. So it is hard to decide which design is the best in the world. From head to toes and from physical to imaginations what cannot be done?

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However visiting different galleries and collections I selected some unique ideas for you. May be they are not unique to you. But I took most of these from the cover pages of different magazines of fashion, style and beauty. I kept in mind some sexual appeal too. You can appreciate, criticize or advise in the comments.

The main source of the article is my own experience and visits. However I took some references from Pinterest, Wikihow and NextLuxury too.

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