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5 Unique Yoga Poses for Meditation – Easy and working

Yoga Poses for Meditation

Meditation is the heart of yoga; it is the quintessential practice. So how does asana serve meditation? How can we use our practice of postures to enhance our meditation practice? The meditative mind is one-pointed, well-controlled, balanced, and ultimately, perfectly controlled. Most of us are struggling with minds that more closely resemble the other three states described in yoga scriptures—stupefied, disturbed, or distracted. These unbalanced states arise from an imbalance among the three gunas—the three intrinsic qualities of the manifest creation. The one-pointed and perfectly controlled states of the meditativeRead More

12 Simple Yoga Poses for Surya Namaskar Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation yoga

What is a Pose or Asana? Asana is the art of manipulating the body to alter the pranic (vital energy) flow at the interface between the body and mind. When that flow is stagnant, asana invigorates us, dispelling sloth and heaviness. When that flow is disturbed and we are tense and agitated, asana teaches us to relax and center ourselves. In short, asana enhances sattva and directs the life-force into the realm of stillness, stability, and equilibrium—the realm of the meditative mind. Asana thus trains the mind for meditation, andRead More