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Yoga for Weight Loss – Shilpa Shetty Poses for Flat Tummy

Yoga for Weight Loss – Shilpa Shetty Poses for Flat Tummy

Here are some weight loss yoga poses derived from Shilpa Shetty fitness videos. These yoga asana are the best fat cutting, slim body and flat tummy workouts. There are a lot of yoga poses for weight loss. Fitness and weight loss videos of Shilpa Shetty and ramdev baba have gone viral and proved very successful. They are available in Hindi, Tamil and English. Their free pictures and PDF formats have proved very useful for yoga beginners. Shilpa Shetty best asana for slim body, fat reduction and flat tummy have givenRead More

Critical Body Painting Precautions and Safety Tips

Body Painting

Fashion of face painting or full body painting may fix your beauty and skin in trouble. Before making body painting pictures or video read these precautions. Body painting involves many kinds of body paints, glitters, brushes and many other chemicals. While selecting an item from body paint supplies we should keep in mind the basic precautions and safety tips of body painting. Body paint models often get painted from some professional painter and don’t concern the painting material. After bodypainting festival 2015 there were some claims about skin and paints.Read More