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How to Make a Tattoo At Home Which is Permanent and Easily Removable?

Permanent and Temporary tattoo

Let’s learn how to make a permanent or a semi permanent tattoo diy at home. Commonly you can do it fake with a pen or sharpie that looks real or make a temporary one with wax paper, printer or with some household items. All these processes are without needle so obviously without pain too. But how long does sharpie last? So the most of the design lovers like other main methods such as papers like parchment, hairspray, regular, inkjet, printable and simple. Laser and needle are even stronger. No mentionRead More

How to Reduce Body Fat Naturally – No Exercise

How to Reduce Body Fat Naturally – No Exercise

Here is a single tip to reduce body fat naturally. You can do it at home easily. It is simple, working and quick for weight loss. It helps burn fat without exercise. Exercise and diet plans are the best remedies for weight loss and fat reduction. Nothing else can reduce fat more than workouts and specific fat burning diet programs. But what if we can’t join a gym can’t hire a physical instructor or fitness trainer and even can’t do a long time physical activities at home. Our daily lifeRead More

How to Reduce Body Fat At Home without Exercise

How to Reduce Body Fat At Home without Exercise

It is a simple eating formula. You can reduce your body fat at home without exercise. Best remedies and tips to burn fat naturally, simply, fast and quickly just by eating food. Here are some fat cutting tips to help reduce your body fat at home. I have already given the tips on weight loss by changing your lifestyle, drinking more water, restricting calorie intake, eating limited carbs and having full and saturated healthy breakfast. Today we shall see some health tips on reducing fat without exercise and with healthyRead More

5 Top Nail Designs by Top Celebrities – Nail Ideas

5 Top Nail Designs by Top Celebrities – Nail Art Ideas

Here are some cute nail designs by some top celebrities. These are cool, simple and easy nail arts which you can do at home on your pretty nails. When we talk about beauty tips, nail art or nail designs have an important beauty value. Cute nail designs make your beautiful fingers more glamorous. From acrylic nails to very rare fake nails, there are many types of nail art designs. Your pretty nails demand different designs for different events so the nail art ideas may vary time to time. Moreover itRead More

How to Remove Tattoo – Best Removal Methods

How to Remove Tattoo

Tattoo removal methods are different by procedure and cost. Here are some best tattoo removal methods with their cost, work and pains. Tattoo removal is not an easy task. Tattoo removal creams and laser tattoo removal are two main options to remove your body design. Besides these there are some other tattoo removal methods like surgery, chemical application and home tattoo removal methods. How does tattoo removal work? It depends upon the method you use or apply. To escape removal stuff we always recommend temporary tattoos and henna tattoos whichRead More

Homemade Beauty Tips for Pimples and Marks

Homemade Beauty Tips for Pimples and Marks

Pimples and marks should be removed by natural tips and remedies rather than beauty products. These treatments will remove pimples and give you glowing face and fair skin. Pimple and marks not only reduce the beauty but sometimes also cause pain and inflammation too. Scar and blemishes can be hidden with makeup but cosmetics and other beauty products sometimes cause to increase pimples and marks. It is seen that the makeup tips mostly contain a list of beauty products and cosmetics brands. It no doubt provides a glowing face andRead More

Only 6 Tips Can Boost Hair Growth – Natural Hair Care

Only 6 Tips Can Boost Hair Growth - Natural Hair Care

Apply these natural and easy hair care tips to boost hair growth. These are excellent tips for hair growth to polish your natural hair styles. A regular hair care results in regular hair growth. With a good hair growth speed you can adopt all natural hairstyles easily. Here I have given some hair care tips for natural hair growth. To get a speedy hair produce, we shall have to depend upon natural hair care products, hair growth foods, vitamins for hair growth, hair growth home remedies and other natural hairRead More

Learn How to Put On Acrylic Nails

Learn How to Put On Acrylic Nails

Here is how to do acrylic nails at home DIY. Very easy, short and simple step by step tutorial on how can you apply acrylic nails like a professional. Nail art is a simple art but when to go for special nail designs it may need some special care. Nails and especially fake nails add to your beauty. Acrylic nail designs have a long variety. Instead you go to nail salon for some beautiful acrylic nail design, I will show you how to do acrylic nails at home DIY. YouRead More

What is Natural Speed and Cause of Hair Growth?

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How long does hair grow in a day and what causes hairs to grow faster? What helps the hairs to stand up and stay in our favorite hairstyle? Hairstyles no doubt depend upon the hair growth. A victim of alopecia or male pattern baldness has no option of haircuts and hairstyles. Hair loss sometimes leaves no option even for short hair styles. There are two main types of hair loss cure i.e. Hair transplant or to adopt an effective way to grow hair faster. But transplant is not an efficientRead More