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How to Connect Yoga Movements with Breath

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The First Movement From the moment of conception our bodies begin to breathe. Each cell in the body expands, condenses, and rests in an internal rhythmic pattern, a pattern that will become amplified into full-body breathing at the moment of birth. This first movement is the basic template for our existence. Whether we are sitting still, running up a hill, or sound asleep, the breath acts as a continuous resonant presence infusing and influencing all other processes, from the chemical reactions of our cells to our moment-to-moment psychological and emotionalRead More

The Things You Don’t Know about Yoga Movements


Moving Inside the Breath Just as there is an invisible force that produces the organic symmetry of a towering pine’s branches, the spiral vortex of an ocean wave, and the endless cycle of days and nights that governs our lives, so, too, our human bodies are governed by intrinsically intelligent patterns. From the extraordinary moment when egg and sperm are ignited into being, our bodies form a design unlike any other that has ever been or will ever be through a wondrous process that is both a replication of anRead More

4 Things You Must Know About Yoga – Short Facts


Here are Brief facts about the definition, origin and history of yoga and asanas along with its purpose. Is yoga related to or forbidden in any religion? Who Invented Yoga? What is yoga – yoga definition is somewhat composite. Yoga is combination of disciplines including physical positions and postures with breath control and simple meditation played in a proper method. Where did yoga come from? It came from India. It is not exactly well known who invented yoga. It is however proved from the researches that it originated in IndiaRead More