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You Wouldn’t Believe These Techniques of Yoga Breathing

breathing techs

Amazing Breathing exercise and Techniques The Process of Inquiry The following inquiries are intended to encourage attunement with the breath. They are distinctly different from the exercises so familiar to the Western mind. The word “exercise” usually implies some kind of repetitive activity (often unpleasant) that we will ourselves to do. Doing an exercise also assumes there is a set result we are trying to achieve, and the foreknowledge of this “correct” result tends to color our perceptions of that which is expected of us. The purpose of the inquiriesRead More

5 Unique Yoga Poses for Meditation – Easy and working

Yoga Poses for Meditation

Meditation is the heart of yoga; it is the quintessential practice. So how does asana serve meditation? How can we use our practice of postures to enhance our meditation practice? The meditative mind is one-pointed, well-controlled, balanced, and ultimately, perfectly controlled. Most of us are struggling with minds that more closely resemble the other three states described in yoga scriptures—stupefied, disturbed, or distracted. These unbalanced states arise from an imbalance among the three gunas—the three intrinsic qualities of the manifest creation. The one-pointed and perfectly controlled states of the meditativeRead More

How to Breathe During Yoga Poses – Original Method


What you actually gain from yoga? I think the followings are the main yoga benefits Reduction in stress Improved quality of sleep Increased lung capacity/improved breathing Muscle toning and strengthening Improved flexibility & circulation Improved balance of mind and body Corrected posture/body alignment Maintain/Build bone density Increased concentration Improved digestion & metabolism Rejuvenated joint function Increased self-awareness “Yoga and Breathing” All these benefits come from movements and breathing. We shall see here the breathing only. Importance of Breathing in yoga For people who believe that there is no gain withoutRead More

3 Things Everybody Wants To Know About Pilates

Yoga (Bow Pose)

Here we shall discuss what is yoga and what is Pilates and what is the difference between them. Who invented them and what happens in the Pilates class. What Is The Difference Between Yoga And Pilates? Pilates and yoga both are exercises with approximately same goal, however there is a little difference between them. What is Pilates? – A method of exercises with particular equipments, designed to develop physical strength, elasticity and improve mental wakefulness is called Pilates. What is Yoga? – A set of disciplines including special body postures,Read More