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Causes of Muscle Soreness after Working Out

muscle soreness

Any weight trainer will tell you that muscle soreness hurts! If you have spent any time in the gym you don’t need me to tell you that. However, having sore muscles isn’t always a bad thing. Unless you experience some degree of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS for short) then you haven’t challenged your muscles beyond what they are already accustomed to, and if you don’t place enough stress on the muscles you can’t shock them into growth. Muscle soreness refers to the aching pain you experience in your musclesRead More

Yoga for Beginners – Simple Yoga Start Tips

Yoga for Beginners – Simple Yoga Start Tips

Here are the best yoga tips and a single asana to begin your yoga exercises. These tips help you control your breath and set your mind free of thoughts. You are thinking to purchase a yoga mat and starting yoga poses for your spiritual and mental piece. May be you have intended to begin yoga for weight loss. Soon you will learn the postures for hatha yoga or Bikram yoga etc. It is easy to find classes for Kundalini yoga and asthanga yoga but first search for beginners’ yoga class.Read More

Benefits of Pilates including Weight Loss

Benefits of Pilates including Weight Loss

What does Pilates do to your body, fitness and obesity? Do Pilates workouts help lose your weight? Is it a fat cutting exercise? What are the precautions? Whenever yoga comes in consideration, Pilates becomes the next subject. Although yoga and Pilates are entirely different systems, however the new comers often get them mixed. We can say that some benefits of yoga are similar to Pilates benefits however Pilates is an exercise and physical workout while the yoga is mostly related to some poses for mental and spiritual relaxation and peace.Read More

What is Wine Doing to Your health and Fitness?

What is Wine Doing to Your health and Fitness

Here is why you should re-think about wine. If there is something unnatural about your weight, fitness, fats and muscles then the wine is working in unexpected way. Fitness is the second name of ideal health. It is a perfection of all body muscles, systems and functions. When you have energetic lean muscles and active body functions, you ultimately stay fresh and healthy. Obesity or weakness does not let your body act properly and you get bored. We have discussed many working methods of decreasing weight and cutting fat. TheseRead More

Why Your Exercise Is Not Giving Results – 2

Why Your Exercise Is Not Giving Results – Part 2

Here are some reasons of your exercise failure that why you are not getting better results of your workouts. Also find what to do for the best muscles and fitness in short time. In the previous article we were discussing why our exercise does not show results and there we discussed three main reasons. Here are the rest of some causes. Before everything, you should know that some People try yoga along with physical workouts. Yoga is a best discipline for fitness. The experts have defined some latest yoga posesRead More

Why a Bodybuilder Needs Yoga for Fitness

Why a Bodybuilder Needs Yoga for Fitness

What are you missing about health and fitness? Bodybuilding requires something extra than diets, foods and workouts, without which you will lose your fitness soon. A personal trainer on the gym makes you a perfect body builder. You are asked to take proteins, creatine monohydrate, to carry weights and do exercises. There are very few physical instructors who recommend combining the yoga with workout plans. While doing aerobic exercises on some gym equipments, have you ever thought that the energy consistency comes from the peace and soul? It is onlyRead More