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5 Common Questions about Piercing – Answered

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Here are answers of five questions about piercings, piercing types, Tragus piercing, history, pain level, costs and the best piercing method. From tattoo to tragus piercing all is done for beauty and body art. Piercings like Ear piercing is very old trend. Earrings are no doubt a beautiful jewelry and a part of female beauty. Some men too use earrings for their show. Tragus piercing is one of ear piercings types and is said to have lower pain level. Tragus piercing infections and healing are comparatively easy to deal with.Read More

What Type of Piercing Gives you Low Pain?

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There are different piercings. We shall discuss types of piercing like ear piercing and tragus piercing along with the pain levels and methods. Piercing means having or showing reasonableness or intense intelligence. The word is used for a process to cut any part of the body to make a whole for insertion of jewelry. Among all types of piercing ear piercing tragus piercing and tattoo is very common. Earrings for men and women especially the earrings gold design have been in use from years. When we see earring images andRead More