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How to Decrease BMI Number – Fitness Tips

How to Decrease BMI Number – Fitness Tips

Here is what is BMI, how it indicates your fitness, obesity and weight ratio. Read some special tips on how to decrease BMI number for an ideal health and fitness. BMI or body mass index is a number which shows a ratio between your height and weight. It is a relation which indicates either you are getting overweight, obese, and weak or you have an ideal body weight. BMI number increases as your weight increase excessively. Similarly this body mass number goes down as your body fat gets reduced withRead More

This Body Mass Index Calculator Gives You Exact BMI

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Body mass index calculator is a tool to calculate BMI. Here is the definition of BMI and a best BMI calculator and chart for the exact values. BMI or body mass index is a number which tells you “how much should I weigh”. Simple body mass index definition is that it is a ratio between your weight and height revealing the ideal weight for you. It can easily be calculated by BMI chart or BMI calculator also known as BMI rechner. BMI chart is actually height weight chart. It showsRead More