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13 Things to Make A Face Mask Easy and Protective

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In the view of recent pandemic of Corona, the mask has got a big place in our life as a part and parcel. People are mixing their minds with medical needs, personality and fashion trends. So, here is our point. We think a mask with following qualities will keep you safe and enhance your look and beauty. What is important in a face mask? It should be manufactured consistently and in good quality. The nose piece which is supposed to shape or bend around nose to create a tight fit,Read More

What Happens when you Miss Oxidant foods – 1

antioxidants 1

ANTIOXIDANTS Part 1 of 2 Antioxidants are very important to our health, including lowering the risk of cancer. Antioxidant therapy has many benefits in the prevention of cancer, but it loses its effectiveness once cancer has developed. I repeat, it loses its effectiveness once cancer has developed. Antioxidants combat the effects of free radicals. We live in a time of too much free radical production causing damage. We will first describe what a free radical is and then give you examples of free radicals in the body. This will beRead More

What Happens when you Miss Oxidant foods – 2


Part 2 of 2 Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant and is one of the most important antioxidants. Vitamin E is used to break the chain reaction free radical damage that happens in cell membranes. This is important, as cell membranes are thought to regulate what goes in and out of the cell. Vitamin E is also protective for the fats, specifically LDL that float around in our blood. If LDL has free radical damage to it, it can lead to arteriosclerosis. Other Tocotrienols have been discovered and many offerRead More

Fitness Tips Which Are Against Facts

Fitness Tips Which Are Against Facts

Best Fitness tips don’t mean that they are really best. Workouts and exercises work for health and fitness only with positive behavior. See what’s wrong. Our fitness tip of the day is not a new workout plan or some weight loss tips. Neither I am going to advise a nutrition tip, nor shall we discuss the old fitness facts. I am going to forbid you to adopt a long list of health tips. My fitness tip of the week is to cut something from your workout Plan. So make aRead More

How to Take Care of Oily Skin – Natural Tips

How to Take Care of Oily Skin - Natural Tips

Here are some simple ways to take care of your oily skin. Find some best tips and natural skin remedies. Read it before using beauty products and skin medicines. Skin care is sometimes very easy and sometimes very hard. If your skin is showing natural glow and shine then you are just to wash your face, apply some beauty cream and leave the house. But when we are facing some unnatural behavior of skin for example the skin gets dry, oily or we get pimples, redness, scars, wrinkles or someRead More

2 Hair Care Tips – Must Start Today

2 Hair Care Tips – Must Start Today

Here is why your hair care products and natural tips are not working in accordance with your hair type. These are evergreen hair tips for curly, long, short, Frizzy and all hair types. Common hair care tips revolve around the shampoos, hair spray, hair oil, natural hair products, natural tips and some homemade tips. Hair masks and massages also give best results but there is something what we are missing about hair beauty, growth and shine. We see that hair conditioner is not giving the best hairstyle even after someRead More

Which is the Best way to lose weight Fast?


Here are all weight loss methods. You can select any of these 6 to get a flat stomach. All these work to lose weight and cut fat but questions is what fits you? All people with the higher BMI number want to lose weight quickly. Obesity is no doubt a negative to fitness. Lean body and strong muscles are basic to natural beauty. Bulky body with a heavy mass and accumulated fat never lets you have a charming look even if you have an attractive face, glowing skin or eyeRead More

How to Remove Tattoo – Best Removal Methods

How to Remove Tattoo

Tattoo removal methods are different by procedure and cost. Here are some best tattoo removal methods with their cost, work and pains. Tattoo removal is not an easy task. Tattoo removal creams and laser tattoo removal are two main options to remove your body design. Besides these there are some other tattoo removal methods like surgery, chemical application and home tattoo removal methods. How does tattoo removal work? It depends upon the method you use or apply. To escape removal stuff we always recommend temporary tattoos and henna tattoos whichRead More

Why Fitness Needs Trainer, Workout and Gym

Why Fitness Requires Personal Trainer, Ab Workout and Gym

Fitness comes with diets, foods, exercises and prevention. Why you need a certified physical instructor, proper ab workout and a gym or training center. Fitness trainers at gym recommend different types of workouts for your fitness. As the fitness starts from stomach so most of the workout plans contain abdominal exercises. Fitness instructor asks you for different stomach exercises looking at your belly fat and fitness level. You may find some best diet plan too for fitness. Our eating routines no doubt affect out fitness a lot. Besides your diet and mealRead More

what are the Best Nails to Get

What Kind of Acrylic Nails Should I Get

Among the range of fake nails which is the best nail for you. What makes the difference between the acrylic nails and gel nails? What to choose? What are the best fake nails to get? Previously we made you learn how to put acrylic nails step by step and here we shall know what are best fake nails to have? or which is the best of the acrylic nails and gel nails. I have also given a separate article on what is the difference between acrylic nails and gel nails. AcrylicRead More