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In future Tattoo Ideas will give Meanings like this


A tattoo needs always an idea. It may be a simple or a small design but there is and must be a special meaning of it. All the designs both for men and girls convey a message to others about the tattooed person. A unique picture on the wrist of a female may vary its sense from sever love to hate badly. Similarly the symbols on the guys’ arm communicate about their inner self.

A tattoo may have countless meaning depending upon the nature of men. A deep picture of tiger on the forearm of a male may mean from bravery and confidence to enmity and physical strength. Behind every look there is a delicate inspirational connotation.

Here is meaningful list of good and cute tattoos for girls and men both. Each design in the gallery has a secret gist. I have included the ideas on all body parts including shoulder and hands. Some ideas have special inspiration for family and women.


Tattoo Ideas Small

Small tattoo is always a good idea. I always recommend to keep you symbol small and unique. A Small delicate picture on the wrist of a female looks so cute.

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Girls have so much diversity of ideas, so I always feel hard to saturate their need in tattoo designs. They change their 100 moods in 100 minutes (LOL).

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However I have selected some cute pictures which are suitable both girls’ wrist and women’s’ hands.

Unique and Simple Tattoo Ideas

You can win the party if a tattoo idea goes simple, unique and meaningful at the same time. Unlike girls the guys don’t go for small.

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Instead of hands and wrist, they prefer shoulders, forearms and chest. So here are some best designs and ideas.

Tattoo Ideas with Meaning For girls

Here is list of tattoo symbols and their meanings. All The tattoos have a deep meaning behind them. These inspirational symbols are of more interest for family and girls.

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Tattoo Ideas with Meaning for Men

And here are the Tattoo Ideas with Meaning for Men. The guys can print them on shoulders, forearm, wrist and arm.

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Wish you good luck

I have searched and selected all these designs and meninges from my own sources. T keep up the best tattoos in accordance with the need of men and girls, I took some hints from, Tattooton, Instagram, Tattoodo, Custom Tattoo Design, Tattoo Ideas etc.

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