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3 Simple Techniques for 5000 Nail Art Designs

Easy Simple Nail Art Designs

Step by Step Easy Nail Art Designs At Home for Beginners without Tools

Simple is always original. It wins the attraction unconsciously. Here is a step by step guide of how to make simple nail art designs. Each of these is an Easy Nail Art that you can do at home. It is a unique technique for beginners and they can do it by hand. These methods can be modified to get many pictures on nails without tools.

These designs are suitable for a variety of nails around the world. I selected some Short Nails designs from a Nail Art Design Gallery and amended them to make them fit for longer nails too. You can find different images of your own choice according to style of your fingers.

So no need to go for videos! Just take a toothpick and start. Yes you listened right. Just a toothpick! Why we always run to the complicated process while simple procedure can give us very sweet, lovely and appealing nail designs.

Before starting any nail art design, always do these 2 things.

  1. Remove the old polish and wash clean the nails.
  2. File your nails and trim them to give them neat and well defined outlines.

Let’s start making this simple nail art design Step by Step

No matter what design, diagram or sketch you chose for your finger nails, every time nail art procedure starts from a coat. Nail polishes, shiners and everything you apply to your tips of fingers, is harmful for the nature of your nails. So always we apply a protection layer on the nails. It also gives life to your manicure.

Nail Art Design 1 – Rose Print Design

From a list of pictures of nails designs, I selected something beautiful for you. Here is how to print rose on your nails simply and effortlessly in just 1 minute. It is very easy for beginners.

How to Do?


1 – Begin with a base color! I prefer minty green but you can apply whatever color you like.

2 – Grab two shades of pink a light one and a dark one and apply blobs on top of each other with each one

3 – With a toothpick smartly swirl them together

4 – Come to an end with some green leaves to fill out the design

Apply a shiny top coat and you are done.

Nail Art Design 2 – Confetti Sprinkles

You will see such designs in the top 10 of nail art design gallery. It is very suitable to pop over any manicure. It will suit all kinds of short nails.

How to do

Just use a toothpick dipped into some white nail polish

1 – Once again start with a base color

2 – Using a toothpick dipped into some white nail polish, create small dashes going in different directions all over your nail

3 – Paint some continuing off the nail for a seamless pattern effect

And if you mess up or your lines are a little wobbly, don’t worry you can just use your base color to straighten them up

4 – Finish with a good topcoat

Your charming and cool design is done. Look how much easy this was and how attractive is this.

You would have seen such many beautiful images in many nails art design galleries.

I think this design looks great with a matte topcoat but you can totally use a shiny one if you prefer.

Nail Art Design 3 – Pastel Strawberry Design

This sketch gives a definite impression among hundreds of nail art images. Here is how to do it by hand without tools.

How to Do

1 – Start with a pink polish. Apply two coats of this and let it dry

2 – Dip a toothpick into white polish and create a polka dot pattern for the seeds. It gives appeal to pull the end of each dot to make it more seed like and you can also do this with black if you prefer.

3 – Use a light green polish to just add some leaves.

These all 3 designs are very simple and easy nail art you can do at home. Try them on short nails. Your hands are your tools. Simplicity emerges your real beauty and always easy to adopt.

All these ideas are my own creations. I took some information from Buzz Feed, Style Craze and Cosmopolitan.

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