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Only 1 Homemade Beauty Tip for Glowing Skin

Only 1 Homemade Beauty Tip for Glowing Skin

Here is a single and simple beauty tip for glowing skin. This homemade technique will provide Glow and fairness to your face. Get free of long makeup tips.

Makeup is a main beauty booster technique and good makeup tips improve the natural beauty. Skin care tips and beauty tips for face are two best ways to have a glamorous personality. Most common process of makeup includes marketed beauty products. In many areas many natural techniques too are used. Many homemade beauty tips for skin whitening are there which are not only ancient and widespread but are effective too. There are many natural products which are best things for skin glow and fairness. Even in the salons many professional beauty experts are using homemade beauty tips.

Here I am giving a single natural beauty tip which is better than a long list of homemade beauty tips. It is best for glowing skin and fairness. You will always be ready for your college, office and parties like celebrities especially when you don’t have a time to go to parlor or salon, as you will own a glowing fair face and skin. It is also best to Get rid of Pimples and marks.

Homemade Beauty Tips for Glowing and Fair Skin

The single thing I recommend here is the tea. It is not the only but is enough if used properly. Yes the teat is a very useful home remedy and care for skin. We all know that the tea provides relaxation and peace to our muscles. The same it does to our skin. Simply taking the tea does much for skin but is not sufficient for extra glow and fairness of face and skin. You can use any kind of tea, common black tea, lavender, green tea or some mint tea for this purpose. Here is how to use it.


Take some tea and boil it in the water. Prepare a cup of tea water. Let it come on the normal temperature. When it gets a very little warm, add ½ teaspoon of honey and stir it to mix. When it is well mixed, add 2 spoons of rice flour and mix it again. Now your homemade natural skin glower is ready.

Wash your face and apply the mixture there on. Apply little and little and keep rubbing slight like a massage. Make a mask with this way. When you have covered your whole face, leave it there for about 20 minutes. The massage should be in circular way and softly. After time, wash your face with any beauty soap and you have done.

You can use tea leaves or stuff in the hot bathing water. It will relieve the stress and tension of your skin to grow and nourish naturally. But in my technique you have three beauty tips in 1.

  1. Tea works as a skin relaxant.
  2. Rice flour acts as a beauty scrub.
  3. Honey with other given stuff works as a natural moisturizer.

Even after first use you will feel a big difference. Continuous use of this Homemade beauty tip will give your skin a constant glow and fairness.

May you live a healthy and beautiful life!

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