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How to Stay Fit Without Exercise, Diet Plans and Yoga

How to Stay Fit Without Exercise, Diet Plans and Yoga

Everyone wants to stay fit forever. You don’t have time for gym, exercises, workouts and yoga. You can’t have diet plans and weight loss pills. Here is what to do.

There are some common things that you should keep doing in your common life. These will keep you always fit, healthy and fresh.

Exercise and workouts are the first things if you want fitness for ever. Even if you don’t go to gym, you can have light exercise in your home, can walk swiftly, can run with a moderate speed or move your arms with a speed which may not look odd. Your aim should be a physical movement. If you do not go for jogging, you can walk like jogging just in common shifting from here to there.

You can make many rounds to the gate and the rooms of the family members. Apply the tooth brush with speed, go to kitchen and keep going up and down the stairs. All this will fulfill the needs of physical movements to some extent plus you will be able to monitor the activities in your home.

Be Soft and Smiley – Make your behavior positive. Have a company of the people you like. Discuss your opinions. Express your inner self. Say bye to tensions. The things that are to happen will happen and you cannot do anything. Go for walk with a person you love. Stay at road side hotels. Say hello hi to the passing by persons and forget the problems in the backup of your mind.

Be movers – Find some chances to walk. Walk for some time to take the bus. Avoid long time sitting. Use stairs instead of elevators. Leave the vehicle somewhat away from your office or home. Go yourself for minor shopping on the nearby shops.

Make long breathing one of your routine habits. In our busyness we often forget to breathe long and even sometimes we stop inhaling for a minute. You should know that our energy is the production of oxygen burning within our lungs. As much we inhale and keep the air inside, so much energy is produced and we stay fit. It is the best way to produce energy, burn fat, lose weight and make lean muscles. This habit will fulfill the lack of yoga poses and of separate meditation.

Do some sports. You can even do it with your children and even in the bedroom. Game, whether it is the lightest and for the slightest time, is the best thing for your fitness. Spend some time playing with your kids, friends and someone else. Here from “Else” I don’t mean your wife. At least I will not play with her.

Just for joke. In fact she is always kind to me.

Adopt the following health habits and lifestyle.

  1. Always try to take some warm up.
  2. Watch action or comedy movies instead of serious plays and comic stories.
  3. Eat more but light foods, drink more water and drinks but please avoid soda drinks.
  4. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. They reduce your years of fitness.
  5. Take sleep from 6 to 9 hours.

Try to stay happy and fresh. Soon you will feel a pleasant change in your life and body.

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