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How to Remove Tattoo – Best Removal Methods

How to Remove Tattoo

Tattoo removal methods are different by procedure and cost. Here are some best tattoo removal methods with their cost, work and pains.

Tattoo removal is not an easy task. Tattoo removal creams and laser tattoo removal are two main options to remove your body design. Besides these there are some other tattoo removal methods like surgery, chemical application and home tattoo removal methods. How does tattoo removal work? It depends upon the method you use or apply.

To escape removal stuff we always recommend temporary tattoos and henna tattoos which are self removed naturally after some time. Tattoo removal cost is also different for different methods. Laser tattoo removal is the most costly method and home tattoo removal methods are somewhat cheaper. Cleaning out the tattoo art at home is easier and cheaper but does not remove the tattoo completely neither it occurs in short time.

All tattoo removal processes work but Laser tattoo removal works in short time. Easy and cheap home methods too are not fully natural. They also involve some removal creams and chemicals and some all kinds of body paintings and removals have side effects too.

Here are some main methods to remove tattoo

  1. Laser Tattoo Removal

In this process a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon treats your tattoo under highly concentrated light rays. You may be given anesthesia and you may have more than one visit under tattoo removal machine. As I said, it may be costly. No under cuts or deep skin removals are done.

  1. Dermabrasion

Your physician sprays your body with a freezing substance. Your skin is left sanded down and your perfect skin layers appear clearly. Then it becomes easy to trickle out the tattoo ink. Anesthesia is also a part of this removal strategy as it is somewhat painful. You don’t get healed soon and also may cost to $1200. Moreover the complete removal of tattoo may not occur too.

  1. Surgery

This one is the most common and removes your body design completely. Dermatologists mostly recommend this in case of small sized tattoo. Surgeon cuts out the inked layer and pushes in the skin borders to join them. Its healing duration is same as a common skin wound. If you have a larger tattoo on your body and want it to be removed by surgery, surgeon will be able to remove it by more than one surgical treatment.

  1. Chemical Peels

It is known as cryosurgery. In this process, initially the skin is chilled and then burned by applying a chemical. Mostly the nitrogen is used. In other methods chemicals are applied on the skin and the skin is peeled out. This tattoo removal treatment too is painful and may leave some remains of tattoo there on the body.

Besides these methods, tattoos are removed by applying salts and removal creams on the skin. Your doctor or dermatologist may suggest you some other methods looking at the size, nature, ink, age and situation of your tattoo.

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