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How to Apply Nail Polish – Manicure Ideas and Tips

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You are here to find out how to apply nail polish for nail art and designs. It is a short nail art tutorial useful for all types of manicure and pedicure.

Gel nails and shellac nails were best of the nail designs 2015. Water nail art and acrylic nails were not behind. But a large number of consumers had two concerns about acrylic nails.

  1. How long do acrylic nails last? – They last for comparatively longer times
  2. How to do acrylic nails or how to apply acrylic nails? – There is simple nail art step by step in the previous article which is very easy. If you are going to do acrylic nails at home, start with the nail designs for beginners. And first lean the acrylic nails removal as you will need it later.

Applying the nail polish is the main part of doing acrylic nails. What the manicure idea or nail design you chose, you are to apply the nail polish. Selection of the color does matter. OPI colors may help. OPI infinite shine reviews show that female class is satisfied with them. However it is upon you what suits you, I am here to tell you how to apply nail polish.

Step By Step Guide Of How To Apply Nail Polish.

  1. Always select the thicker nail polish Brand. While purchasing Wipe the brush inside the product bottle. If the polish is sheer against the inside, you are not getting much color from it.
  2. Ensure that your polish will not dry out quickly. Purchase a brand which stays wet for the more time.
  3. On your nails apply the brush in three directions. Left, right and downwards. It will give you a concentrated but not a thick layer.
  4. Concentrate on the first coat. Make lines wider but equal brush strokes. This coat helps stick polish with nails and grip the upper coats.
  5. If you want extra bright in your nail design, make the first coat of white or opaque nude shade.
  6. Do not go thick. Instead of getting thick, try to increase number of coats. The layers increase the thickness with an increase in shine.
  7. Clean up the extra polish went out of your desired area. Do it by dipping another brush in nail polish remover and slightly clean the extra stuff.
  8. Swipe against the cuticles with care. Just touch the brush ends and do not let your polish work anywhere else.
  9. After you have completed manicure or simple nail design, keep your finger in cold water. It will help your polish dry out faster and be strongly stuck to your nails.
  10. Store your nail polish in dark and cold place. Keep away from shine and heat. Also do not shake it any time.

How you cut your nails also does matter. Do not saw them back and forth while filing them. Try to always use non-acetone remover. Keep away from hot water for long lasting of your manicure.

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