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How Much Clothes Does a Baby Need to Wear

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What to dress a newborn in different seasons? Here is a newborn baby clothes checklist for day time, night time and bed time.

While purchasing baby clothes online you will either buy some beautiful baby girl clothes or in case you have a prince, you will chose some baby boy clothes. Selection of kids’ clothes especially the new born dress makes you confused. If you have your first baby, you will have to first decide how to dress newborn in all four seasons i.e. winter, summer, autumn and spring. First thing is what to dress a newborn in different situations and times. Then you should prepare a newborn baby clothes checklist for day times, night time and in the bed etc.

Dressing a baby is quite different from elders’ dressing. Babies need to change their clothes time to time as these gifts of God are very untidy. It is not easy to select the size of dress for a baby. Some new born babies give fitness in a baby dress for 3 to 4 weeks. But some are bulky for which you will have to start from baby dress size of about 3 months. If you find it easy to go to baby clothes center, purchase different sizes and return which you find unfit to your moon. But please don’t let your baby visit with you everywhere. He is soft and you should deal him softly.

You can prepare a list of baby clothes from the following dresses.

Single Pieces – These are best one. One piece dress from head to feet! Repeated changing is easy. It is easy to change the diaper in single piece baby dress. Purchase 4 to 6 in different stuffs so that you may have extra pieces during washing.

Shirts – You should buy 5 to 7 shirts at least. While selecting a shirt take care about neck size. All baby dresses should be open and wide at neck. Apply the same rule with baby undershirts. In case the clothes have stitches or zips, they should not be very close or short sized.

Pull Ons – Baby clothing with separate pieces have an ease that when you get some pieces dirty or snapped, you are not to change and wash the whole suit. So the leggings and pull on pants are better choice. It is good idea that you keep some extra pieces for daily change. So you should buy about 7 separates.

Baby clothes in large numbers – Some things like socks and booties should be in big numbers as they have big chance of change more than twice.

One Peace Baby cloths – Some things are required in single piece. That is the hat and a jacket or a sweater. You can however have an additional hat too.

Besides these your newborn clothing should contain some pajamas or sleepers too. You can also purchase a blanket or something like that for the time being need. If you are in some snowy area, don’t forget to purchase some snow suits.

May your baby live long and healthy!

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