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How Carrie Underwood Maintains Her Fitness

How Carrie Underwood Maintains Her Fitness

Here are the secrets about health and fitness of Carrie Underwood got from her interviews. It’s about her workout plans, diet, exercise, gym and lifestyle.

Fitness and Carrie Underwood are going side by side. How? We always see her on tours, preparing new songs and albums and also she never gets late from concert. She is about 33 years old with 1.6 m height. She has no time for home gym, rarely attends personal trainer and still her pics magnifies the fitness magazine pages. She is not over tall but still looks like a smart teen standing on the exercise equipment. There are a lot of news about her workout plans and aerobics but most of them are not from her health and fitness secrets.

I went through some of Carrie Underwood interviews published this year and found some very important points about her health and fitness tips. I found the answer that how Carrie, with a baby and fresh tour dates, keeps her fitness plans. Here are the points of underwood interview which are about her exercise plan and healthy lifestyle.

  1. How to make a workout plan? She says “you have to plan things out, think ahead”. Carrie exclaimed that you are to think forward for new workout charts. You should keep a record of results of the previous Physical activities and write down the newer ones. You must hurry to fitness club, physical center or exercise machine and should not waste your time. Do exactly what you planned.
  2. Treadmill is her favorite gym equipment. She is seen playing on this fitness machine even in the hotels. There she advised the fitness fans that they should analyze their lifestyle. You should select the healthiest things for you which are going positive to keep you fit. Your lifestyle will provide you best tips for health and fitness.
  3. Do not stick to gym membership and fitness shop. Never wait for fitness training and do your bodyweight workout wherever you are. She told: “You can do planks, lunges, crunches, and things you don’t need any equipment for.” your fitness program is what fits you.
  4. Have the real food and not the labeled as. Fitness diet of Carrie Underwood includes simple protein, hot water, avocados and oatmeal breakfasts. Avocados always travel with her. She revealed that she never trusts room service and mostly eats what she believes to be the same as labeled.
  5. “Go for a walk or a jog!” She was speaking during her business tours. Do not stop your running gear if you are feeling energetic. Make the visits and tours your hobby and livelihood.

So, what do you say? Is she right, over speaking or missing something about fitness?

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