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Critical Body Painting Precautions and Safety Tips

Body Painting

Fashion of face painting or full body painting may fix your beauty and skin in trouble. Before making body painting pictures or video read these precautions.

Body painting involves many kinds of body paints, glitters, brushes and many other chemicals. While selecting an item from body paint supplies we should keep in mind the basic precautions and safety tips of body painting. Body paint models often get painted from some professional painter and don’t concern the painting material. After bodypainting festival 2015 there were some claims about skin and paints. Body paint pictures and photos were liked but no one knew about the problems.

In the start it was Face painting and now full body painting is trending in fashion. Body paint images are selling and getting views more than before. Like henna tattoos, Female body photography and body painting videos may attract more and more body paint models, and even you, to get your body painted. Before doing something it is better to know about cares and precautions.

When you watch some body paint video on YouTube, find body paint for sale, select a face painting theme and start step by step face painting. Images and video will explain body painting start to finish. You will rarely find precautions and safety tips about your skin and face. Whether you are a painter or getting your body paint, you should follow these basic safety tips in body painting art.

  1. Select Best Body Paint

Best and cheap body paint does not mean free of all dangers. Non toxic paints too contain harmful elements for skin. A best body paint is that which

  • Contains natural elements – naturals are as harmless as home made henna paste
  • Includes lesser chemicals
  • Sticks but does not absorb too much
  • Removes from your skin easily
  • Is not harmful in any way
  1. Beware of Skin Reactions

You should know about the chemicals and elements your skin is allergic from. And if you don’t know then better way is to apply some paint on your body, see the results for few days and then go for full body painting.

  1. Painting and Glitters

FDA has approved .008 microns sized glitters for cosmetics. See the label on the body paint to ensure it. Find some paint that is made of polyesters.

  1. Cleanliness

Wash your hands before, after and every time you change the material. The best thing is to use gloves. Apply the same rule on sponges, containers and paint brushes too.

  1. Continual Rests

Full body painting is a time taking process. Take some rests, take tea, talk to companion and change your body positions time to time.

  1. Skin Conditions

You or your painter should have a good knowledge about skin conditions, troubles and reaction to different chemicals. Body paint may sometime give you rashes, allergy and other skin dilemma.

Body paint is not a harmful art or fashion. You need to just take some cares and intention for safety. Enjoy your life.

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