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Who is the Most Famous, Highest Paid, Top and Super Model of World?

list-top-super-highest-paid-famous-female-models - Kendall Jenner

Rankers and Trenders keep changing the names’ positions of these celebrities on the basis of popularity, income, sexy, height, age, physical attraction and sometimes just on their own wishes. Bella Hadid, Martha Hunt Lexi Boling and a big name list got preyed of These “Wishes” many times. The term “Best model” graduated to “Top model” then “Super model”. It started in 80s and got viral after 90s when the celebs like Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell dominated the street boards, Cam lenses and paper prints.  Similarly the rules of selectionRead More

In 2 Minutes Make 3 Cutest and Easy Nail Art with Toothpick

Nail Art easy

Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners Step By Step Let’s create some Nail Art Designs for beginners. They will give charm and attraction to all kinds of nails including short nails. These designs are very easy and simple to make at home. You can make them by hand without any tools. Images and videos of these designs have been trending from 2016 to 2018. A lot of nail art design galleries have given them full space as they are simple, easy to make and attractive. I have triedRead More

3 Simple Techniques for 5000 Nail Art Designs

Easy Simple Nail Art Designs

Step by Step Easy Nail Art Designs At Home for Beginners without Tools Simple is always original. It wins the attraction unconsciously. Here is a step by step guide of how to make simple nail art designs. Each of these is an Easy Nail Art that you can do at home. It is a unique technique for beginners and they can do it by hand. These methods can be modified to get many pictures on nails without tools. These designs are suitable for a variety of nails around the world.Read More

4 Bright Face Tips by Hollywood Stars for All Skins


Girls are always looking for beauty tips and secrets. Everyone wants a natural glowing skin, attractive face and shiny hair. Teenagers always keep watching videos to find best tricks for fair fairness. Everyday YouTube keep adding videos in each language e.g. Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Urdu and Bengali languages. Face whitening, oily skin and pimples are the main topics of beauty. However everything on the internet with a beautiful picture is not good. Especially take care about home remedies. Homemade masks, moisturizers and creams are no doubt better than marketed products,Read More

Make 1000+ Stunning Tattoos with Pen, on any Body Part

Make tattoo with Pen

How to Make a Tattoo? About 80% tattoo fans don’t want to go to Tattoo Parlor. Why? It is for a lot of reasons. They want a tattoo which they can remove easily. They wish a piercing without pain. They need a printing with the lowest cost. They are looking for tattooing process which may complete in short time. They just need a decorative body modification. Here is the best Homemade Solution. I will make you learn how to make a tattoo with pen. Actually the pen and deodorant areRead More

Scientific Way to Lose Weight Simply by Drinking Water

Way to Lose Weight Simply by Drinking Water

How to Easily Lose your Weight by Just Drinking Water? How much water can you use in the diet for weight loss in a week? Drinking water to lose weight or burn fat is a good plan to shred some pounds. There is not one suggestion on the amount of intake to get rid of obesity. Similarly we have no such calculator who may predict the time period of reduce the bulk but success stories tell us that it may take some weeks. As an excellent tip you can addRead More

25 Unique and small Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

Tattoo ideas

When it comes to tattoo ideas, the first thing to consider is who is getting this Piercing or painting on her body because these ideas are different for girls, for men and for women. Then you can ask that what are the unique tattoo ideas for you? The answer is the tattoos with meanings behind them. Most of the girls like small pictures on hand and wrist which are not necessarily the symbols with deep meanings. While the women and moms go for wrist designs and other body parts forRead More

12 Ways to Prevent Oldness and Stop Aging Process

How to slow down and Stop Getting Older

How to Deal With Getting Older Growing old is a natural process and we shall discuss here how to stop the aging process naturally. Dealing with getting older is not any easy matter. Especially as a woman, fear of looking old is a big trouble. Also as a man, we can’t accept it happily. We have even seen 19, Scared of Getting Old. More or less everybody is depressed about getting aged and Dying. Passed youth leaves wrinkles, weakened face, baldness and damaged senses. So the old phobia is notRead More

Tips To Choose A Tattoo Design Which Best Suits Your Personality

Tattoo, Best, Design, First, Decide, Choose

How to pick your first tattoo? It is not simple to decide on a design. Deciding Good tattoos ideas is same as you are to chose a quiz and find the way to a suitable answer. There is a wide variety of pictures and images you are going to paint on your body. Even a unique drawing for men may not be so exclusive for girls and females. Elders mostly chose simple photos that look good while the youngsters try wonderful and incredible things. While I think the best smallRead More

The Easiest Way to Make Your Lips Pink and Soft Forever

how to get pink lips without makeup

How to make lips pink naturally forever? You can get it fast and permanently without makeup. Here are some best home remedies which will make your face grapes African American. They will also become soft and red too. These natural methods are useful for men also. About all the natural ways work for lips but the problem is how to get pink lips fast and permanently. Fast means not in a week or 15 days but in two or 3 days. Permanent means they keep softness and pinkish watery touchRead More