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5 Top Nail Designs by Top Celebrities – Nail Ideas

5 Top Nail Designs by Top Celebrities – Nail Art Ideas

Here are some cute nail designs by some top celebrities. These are cool, simple and easy nail arts which you can do at home on your pretty nails.

When we talk about beauty tips, nail art or nail designs have an important beauty value. Cute nail designs make your beautiful fingers more glamorous. From acrylic nails to very rare fake nails, there are many types of nail art designs. Your pretty nails demand different designs for different events so the nail art ideas may vary time to time. Moreover it is upon your fingers, dressing, skin color and body look.

Previously we learned nail art step by step and now we are giving here some simple nail designs adopted by some high valued celebrities. These are suitable for many finger types. You may change the color and shade as per your requirements. All these are easy nail designs made by nail polishes commonly available in the beauty shops. Nail art given here is not only for acrylic nail designs but you may do these nail arts for many other nail design ideas too.

1 – Mixed Metal Nail Design

If you attended 2015 People’s Choice Awards, you would have seen Bella Thorne walking there. She attended the red carpet in an astonishing black suit. The most beautiful thing in her fashion was her incredible nails. She gave a new touch to beauty trend. We got it from Instagram. It is very easy nail art to do.

1 bella

2. Blue and Green 3D Mani

Once again we recommend Bella Thorne’s nail design. This time she was in the New York Fashion Week. She shacked with the cool 3D nail art. The combination of navy and emerald shades made the nails super exclusive. This simple nail art is improved by her fascinating ring show.

2 bella

3. Black-and-Clear Mani

This time Kylie Jenner’s nail art won. She released these cool nail designs during a photo shoot. It was about Madden Girl campaign. The novel blue lines in her hair elevated the beautiful personality of this celebrity. Her choice was Black-and-Clear nail idea.


3. kyle jenner


4. Heroes on the nail tips

Zendaya designed her nails with super heroes including cat woman. Her fingers were giving a beautiful look and it looked like show time. Whenever you do some different nail art, you look different.


4. Zendaya

5. Kylie Jenner’s Perfect Gray Nails

And the finally Kylie’s single color selection as simplicity wins the game simply. When you do short work with best matching and style, it works bigger than usual.


5 kyle jenner greyy

Enjoy these nail designs if you like

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