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Thursday, November 16th, 2017


What is Hatha Yoga-Full Comprehensive Introduction?


Although its often dismissed as a beginning practice or used as a misnomer for the physical postures, hatha yoga is a complete path in itself—and a powerful one, at that. “Salutations to Adinatha, who expounded the knowledge of hatha yoga, are like a staircase which leads the aspirant to the high pinnacled raja yoga.” Hatha Pradipika This statement from the introduction to the Hatha Pradipika, together with the emphasis placed on physical beauty by the “Hollywood Yoga” schools, has led many sincere students to think of hatha yoga as theRead More

Causes of Muscle Soreness after Working Out

muscle soreness

Any weight trainer will tell you that muscle soreness hurts! If you have spent any time in the gym you don’t need me to tell you that. However, having sore muscles isn’t always a bad thing. Unless you experience some degree of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS for short) then you haven’t challenged your muscles beyond what they are already accustomed to, and if you don’t place enough stress on the muscles you can’t shock them into growth. Muscle soreness refers to the aching pain you experience in your musclesRead More

Use Machines to Treat Signs of Sleep Apnea


Buy High Quality Sleep Apnea Machines to Conquer Sleep Apnea Numerous patients arrive at such elevated amounts of apnea that it influences their everyday lives. This intraoral prosthesis is one of the slightest obtrusive medications that gets quick comes about. Apnea is a condition which stops or abatements wind stream throughout breathing while an individual is asleep on the grounds that the aviation route has gotten tight, blocked or adaptable. Practically everybody has concise scenes of apnea throughout sleep. Ordinarily, the highest point of the throat remains sufficiently open throughoutRead More

How to Easily Cure Your Pink Eye Problem?

Conjunctivitis Symptoms

Conjunctivitis Symptoms & steps to effectively remove them Conjunctivitis, also called pink eye, is a common eye problem. It is an inflammation of the conjunctivitis membrane and is generally treated conveniently. To know more about Conjunctivitis symptoms, please read further onwards:- Here are the major pink eye symptoms you commonly see: The foremost sign of pink eye is generally a sudden redness or pinkish color which shows in the white region of the eye. Puffiness of the nearby eyelids or a “swollen eyelid” appearance Additional discharge from the eyes, orRead More