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What Made Kim Kardashian Top ranked – 5 Real Facts

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Kim Kardashian was the most searched, high ranked and high worth celebrity in 2015. Here are 5 things besides her husband and baby which caused this.

In celebrity net worth, Kim Kardashian Estimated Net Worth is recently $85 million while her husband Kanye West’s net worth is recorded at $130 million. According to Forbes Kris Kardashian Jenner’s Net Worth is speculated to be over $125 million.  Kim Kardashian real age was 35 years On 21 October 2015.

On Forbes In 2014 she was on rank 80 while now she ranks on 33. Moreover she was the most googled celebrity of this year. She got the top followings and connections on social media like twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She along with his spouse Kanye West and her baby Saint West was the most searched celebrity in 2015.

What made Kim so popular? She is one of the most charming people in reality television and she married to a renowned music artist in the world. But her graph elevated at once. What happened? In my opinion there are five things which made Kim Kardashian so popular and famous.

  1. Her Mobile App got Viral

Kim Kardashian proved herself a good manager and marketer. She made a contract with GLU mobile, and launched her game and an app in this partnership. She converted this game into million dollar project before 2015. Her offers were one of the top wanted on apple platform. At last she was a celeb figure. She took the most advantage of it and changed the status.

  1. Long journey with Kris

She increased her time with Kris Kardashian. The reality TV show was getting more and more popular. She renewed her contract with Jenner and continued it. This helped increase her rating because Kris too was a well number celebrity with not less worth. So the situation balanced the atmosphere in the favor of Kim and she got herself on the rising numbers in net worth, ranking and searching.

  1. Her Selfies Book

She published a book which consisted of her selfies taken on important occasions. She earned dollars and the publicity both from this book. She is going to republish this book with the new pictures and selfies which will no doubt make an increase in her popularity and worth.

  1. Dominancy on Social Media
  2. She won the game on social media. Although, Taylor swift was somewhat onward but Kim got the real place. There were 38 million Twitter followers and over 55 million Instagram followers of Kim Kardashian. This made her a public figure on finger tips. Here too his TV show and celeb personality were dominating.
  3. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Baby

Kanye West was himself enough to add something in her fame. Above this she got pregnant once again, gave birth to a baby and became a famous mother. All this happened when she was on the air and in the public minds. Her maternity was being observed by millions and her baby became a celebrity too. The name remained a matter on the media for two days. At last he was named Saint West and it emerged like hot news.

Kim Kardashian was already on the right track. All these things increased her speed. Kanye West and their babies supported her much to add in their luck and she got on the highest stage.


 I forgot her booty. Do you think it was a reason?

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