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What is Wine Doing to Your health and Fitness?

What is Wine Doing to Your health and Fitness

Here is why you should re-think about wine. If there is something unnatural about your weight, fitness, fats and muscles then the wine is working in unexpected way.

Fitness is the second name of ideal health. It is a perfection of all body muscles, systems and functions. When you have energetic lean muscles and active body functions, you ultimately stay fresh and healthy. Obesity or weakness does not let your body act properly and you get bored. We have discussed many working methods of decreasing weight and cutting fat. These include weight loss diets, slimming foods, fitness exercises and some spiritual manners like yoga poses etc. I believe that once you decide to gain fitness then nothing can stop you from getting it.

I don’t say that my answers to your question “how to lose weight?” are the only best ways. I just assure only one thing that I write down something here on my site after a lot of verifications, positive comments, prescriptions and recommendations. So it does not matter that which method you adopted to have an ideal and slim body. May be that you already have a flat belly and best BMI values without exercises and other troubles. The problem is that what are you doing which is worst for your health and fitness. Concern your wine.

Actually your friends and so called fitness experts often tell you the benefits of wine. They would have told you that it produces energy; it increases digestion, boosts sexual power and such a lot of health benefits. The reality is different and I should even say that the fact is opposite. Why?

The alcohol and wines are unnatural drinks. You would have heard that excess of anything is bad. And this is the only danger of the wine. This drink produces an excess of everything in your body which is an unnatural behavior. I will not make a list of disadvantages of wine which is no doubt very long. You consider only one thing and that is to boost your body system temporarily. This thing is very dangerous for your life time fitness.

You can simply explain it that your body uses its stored capacity in each body field and you think it a boost. When you drink wine constantly, your body gradually loses the capacity to store potential for your coming days. There comes a time when you actually have nothing in your body except some fats which needs more wine to work. The intake of wine for longer times may result in 3 shapes.

  1. You get obese with extra fat in your body. It happens because the wine is a worst solver which dilutes and rots everything in the stomach. Your body loses natural balance of absorption and is forced to absorb everything. So you increase your weight.
  2. You can get weak. It happens as it dissolves your necessary fats because it works in unnatural way. Your body fat burns in harmful ways and your internal skeleton fails to keep balance of real fitness.
  3. Third situation may be that you apparently look fit and even feel fit for some time. Actually you get weak inside and you come to know about in the later ages but now you can’t reverse the time.

Don’t mind my discussion if you drink wine. I just mean to your natural fitness and ideal health. You should please gain it with healthy foods, gym exercises and healthy lifestyle and not with the wine. May be you know better than me.

Enjoy your life.

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