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What is Natural Speed and Cause of Hair Growth?

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How long does hair grow in a day and what causes hairs to grow faster? What helps the hairs to stand up and stay in our favorite hairstyle?

Hairstyles no doubt depend upon the hair growth. A victim of alopecia or male pattern baldness has no option of haircuts and hairstyles. Hair loss sometimes leaves no option even for short hair styles. There are two main types of hair loss cure i.e. Hair transplant or to adopt an effective way to grow hair faster. But transplant is not an efficient hair treatment. Hair care in time is better than hair loss treatment later on. Hair growth tips and remedies save not only hair transplant cost but also give you natural well grown hairs.

Here are some common questions asked about hair growth.

How Long Does Hair Grow In A Week?

Hair growth may be different in different persons. It may have some variation from men to women and kids to adults. Moreover it also depends upon your health, diet, intakes and routine of hair care. But all these have a little affect. The nature has fixed our hair to grow on a natural speed.

Natural hair growth speed is about

1.8 mm per day

12.5 mm in a week

1.25 centimeters or 0.5 (1/2) inches per month

15 centimeters or 6 inches per year

However as I said before, it is an approximate and average hair growth speed. It may be somewhat more or less slightly.

How long does it Take for your Hair to Grow?

As I mentioned in the above said question, hairs take different time in different conditions for the different people. On the average, the hairs take two months to grow 1 inch. Your shoulders will touch your hairs about after 1 year. If you take some better care, you may have an increase in your hair growth speed. From my point of view, daily wash, natural oils, better sleep and soft combing will provide you some more mm longer hair per month.

What Causes Hair to Grow?

It is the Follicle from where the hair grows. These follicles are made when we born. There are about 5 millions follicles on the human body. It is on the whole body. Our head contains about 1 million and all these are not on the scalp. The scalp has about 1 hundred thousand follicles. There is no increase in the follicle numbers during our life. They retain their quantity. But the question is why the hairs get thinner as we age. It is because our scalp grows, expands and become larger with the increase in age. As the follicles do not reproduce and also the distance between them is increased, so the hairs get thinner and thinner.

Second thing is the sebum. It is an oil secreted by a gland there in the hair base. It is vital oil for hair growth. It works as diet and conditioner. It has a role in the erection of the hair so to hold a hairstyle. As we grow younger the production of sebum increases. But as we get older it decreases. The interesting thing is that women scalp gives out lesser sebum amount than that of men.

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  1. Vittoria says:

    Hair Transplant is a day care procedure done under local anestahesia. Hair follicles are harvested usually from the back side of the head and implanted in the recipient (bald) area.These implanted hair follicles will fall off in 15 to 20 days and will start growing naturally from the roots as new hair.This change can be appreciated only after 5 or 6 months. Complete hair growth can be seen after one year.I found this one here you can get more information about trasnplantation

  2. Super post. Do you have any other ones you can stick? I dig super stuff. :)

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