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Top Three Healthy Breakfast Foods and Ideas

Healthy Breakfast Foods and Ideas

These are three ideas for your healthy breakfast recipes. These foods are best for kids, toddlers, men and vegetarians. They are also easy, quick and good diet for weight loss.

There are countless ideas and recipes for healthy breakfast. Kids, toddlers, weight loss diet followers and vegetarians may need different foods according to their health requirements. Breakfast menus and lunch recipes are different in different regions. For example Indians will eat different food from Filipino and western people and so on.

Breakfast is an essential part of our eating and you should never miss it. From healthy snacks to other healthy breakfast recipes there are many breakfast menu ideas. Eggs, yogurt, breads, milk, snacks, jams and Cereals are no more new to healthy breakfast menu.

What is a healthy breakfast? A healthy breakfast means what is healthy for you. It should contain all nutrients you need for your daily activities and general health. A healthy breakfast always contains healthy foods. Healthy foods digest readily and are converted to energy and muscles. Missing a healthy diet plan early in the morning, may cause you lose energy level, have extra eating and appetite disorder.

We are giving here top three healthy breakfast foods which will provide you a full plan for a week. You should include them necessarily in your daily breakfast. They will give you easy, good and quick morning meal plan.

Wheat Germ

Wheat germ or cereal germ is the embryo of the seed. It is a healthy diet and healthy breakfast for kids and adults both. Wheat germ provides an important amount of vitamins, minerals and protein.  At only 50 calories for each 2 tablespoon serving most of the wheat germs distribute a protein-filled bunch of vital nutrients and is rich in fiber. It is also a healthy breakfast for weight loss. It helps cutting fat, gaining muscles and getting fitness.

Wheat germ is nearly all vitamin and mineral-rich portion of the wheat core. It improves our immune system and protects us from cardiovascular disease and cancer. You can add wheat germ in any food like cereals, curd, smoothies, juice or sprinkle it on any meal you have in your breakfast menu.


I don’t mean that you fill your morning table with fruits. Just include 1 or 2 whole fruit as an easy breakfast recipes. Fruits are “F” of the fitness. They are healthy breakfast foods. Protein rich fruits don’t let your weight increase, don’t let the fat accumulate and don’t let you get ill or weak. They are the reserves of vitamins, proteins, carbs, starches, antioxidants, minerals, glucose, fructose and countless other healthy nutrients. Fruits are healthy breakfast recipes for men, women and kids. They provide glow to your face and make you strong and energetic for your job, office or day routines.

After leaving your bed, just include one or two of these fruits in daily breakfast schedule to have a healthy diet menu.

  • 1 banana
  • A piece of Watermelon
  • some blueberries or Strawberries
  • 1 orange – whole or orange juice
  • Cantaloupe
  • Kiwi

Giving an orange to your toddler before school is a good breakfast idea.

Tea or Coffee

Coffee is often under-estimated as the best and healthy breakfast meals. Searches have proved that the coffee is the number one antioxidant. So include one cup in your breakfast but please don’t add more extra sugar and be skim taker.

If you don’t like coffee then tea is one of the best healthy breakfast recipes with eggs. Tea is also immunity booster and keeps you hydrated. Black, green, or white all are well but green is the best.

There is a lot more about healthy breakfasts but these three things are best and all-rounder.

Be happy and stay healthy.

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