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This Dress Changes its Color with Modes and Situations


This dress changes its color with the change in behavior. It is converted to different beautiful shades and colors in accordance with the mode of the person. Easy check

Clothing, and I should say, the best clothing is the first thing that brightens your personality. The dress color is one of the most important factors in all fashion trends. Our formal dresses contain different colors and designs. And when selecting the party dress and wedding dresses, the range of colors for dresses goes very long. Prom dress, maxi dresses and cocktail dresses are never limited to black and white and routine dress colors. Especially the ladies dresses change even with the change in time and situations. For example there are separate evening dresses, morning dresses, summer dresses, club dresses, shift dresses and even homecoming dresses.

There is a dress color debate while selecting the multi colored clothes. Dress color combination should be charming and suitable. The main element is our skin shade. While selecting the dress color for skin tone, we often forget what it will tell others about our personality and feelings. The clothes are our representatives. If you think that white shade is best dress color for brown skin, keep in mind that clothing is not only a color match. People will guess that you like white color.

So the dressings and cloth colors are the screens which show our inner self. The tech giant Philips is going to solve all this mess. You will not have to choose the colors for your personality and feelings show. They are going to develop a dress that changes color in accordance with your emotions and modes. The developers have attached different colors with different human behaviors. For example the clothes will change the color from green to red as you turn from happy to anger etc.

Ms Bal is one of the chief tech of this project. He told “We were interested to see how technology may affect our lives in the future and to provoke debate. We are asking: ‘Would the idea of emotional clothing be something we will wear in 10 years time?

In future we are going to see the dresses which will change the color in situations, seasons, timings and places. You will be able to easily detect either someone is in love with you or is flirting. Is he or she getting angry or happy and so on. The most interesting thing is that you will buy only one dress for all ceremonies. The dress will change its color and designs according to occasion and situation and you will be able to attend the office, parties, friends, hotels and everything with one suit and one wearing.

Be ready for a great facility.

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