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This Concept of Pilates Will Force You to Start It Today


Pilates is a popular exercise regimen that uses special stretches and machines. This form of exercise emphasizes flexibility and overall strength over body bulk. It has been described as “an exercise program that you enjoy doing and that leaves you refreshed and alert.

” Although this unique and effective method of total body conditioning was developed more than 70 years ago, it is the hottest trend in fitness today. There are several excellent Pilates books, videos and DVDs that can help you learn about and benefit from Pilates.

Pilates exercise is a physical conditioning program that uses corrective exercises and specialized equipment to re-pattern the imbalances of the body musculature by working many of the deeper muscles of the body.

The exercises integrate the mind and body connection by combining stabilization and awareness of the spine, use of the deep abdominal muscles of the body center, and a specific breathing pattern that directs energy to those areas during each movement. The outcome is a balanced body which is stronger, leaner and more flexible, with improved posture, balance and coordination.

Pilates exercise can be used for general fitness, cross-training and rehabilitation. Different from weight training, Pilates exercise helps you increase your strength without developing bulk, thereby leaving the muscles looking firmer and leaner.

Pilates is non-impassive and less stressful on the joints, and therefore decreases risk of injury to the body. Rehabilitation specialists often use this technique for rebuilding muscle strength after injury or surgery. In the past, Pilates was known as the preferred training for dancers. However, the method is now used by several professional athletic teams, Olympic athletes, celebrities, baby boomers, the young and the elderly.

People of all ages can benefit. Additional benefits include reduced low back and joint pain, flattened and toned abdominal muscles, improved range of motion, better circulation, and increased energy. The effects are not just physical, but leave you feeling revitalized and with a profound sense of well being.

If you are finding it difficult to do many of the mainstream exercises such as walking, jogging, running, calisthenics, swimming, cycling, or even normal house and garden chores, then you might want to start with Pilates. Many people have found that after doing Pilates exercises, they can more easily perform more rigorous types of exercise. Try it for yourself.

Specifically, Pilates practitioners believe you receive the following benefits:

  • Helps relieve back pain
  • Helps reduce “Love Handles”
  • Firms the body and gives it a sleeker look
  • Improves muscle and joint flexibility
  • Helps correct posture problems
  • Lessens fatigue and pain
  • Adds strength to the body without bulk
  • Increases physical and mental endurance
  • Improves sexual enjoyment
  • Helps control weight disorders
  • Heals damaged tissues
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Stimulates your circulatory system

Does Pilates make sense for you? Have your paradigms changed about your health? If so, why not learn about other innovations in exercise, healthcare, and disease prevention? Knowledge is power! If you are looking for innovative, yet proven ways to be healthy, learn the “state-of-the-art” techniques for getting and staying healthy.

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