This Body Mass Index Calculator Gives You Exact BMI

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Body mass index calculator is a tool to calculate BMI. Here is the definition of BMI and a best BMI calculator and chart for the exact values.

BMI or body mass index is a number which tells you “how much should I weigh”. Simple body mass index definition is that it is a ratio between your weight and height revealing the ideal weight for you. It can easily be calculated by BMI chart or BMI calculator also known as BMI rechner. BMI chart is actually height weight chart. It shows the same value as a good BMI calculator does. It is same for men, women and kids. It is because body mass index formula for both chart and calculator is same. BMI formula in metric units is

BMI = Weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared.

In simple words BMI = kg/m2. – The answer is your fitness level.

There are different kinds of body mass calculators. Although having same BMI formula, sometimes BMI calculators for men, women and kids are designed differently. In a previous article I have given a body mass index chart which is very easy to get your BMI without any calculation. You are just to know your weight and height and the chart discloses your BMI number. It also tells you either if you are under weight, overweight or obese. You can easily find the ideal weight that you should have.

When you use a calculator the main problem are the units. Different BMI calculators use different units for weight and height. Sometimes you need kg to pounds conversion and your height to feet and inches. The second matter is reliability. For a common man it is hard to understand the basics of physics. So here I am giving a BMI calculator which does all this for you. The body mass index table in the previous article and BMI calculator in this article needs no conversion. They contain all these metrics in different units commonly used.

In this BMI rechner, the numbers are already provided. You can select either you are to enter your weight in kg or pounds. Same is about height. The entry is available in inches and centimeter both. You don’t need to go anywhere else to calculate, or using a copy pencil. All is already done. Enter the values you already know, press calculate and enjoy.

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