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Things That Decrease Your Sex Power

Things That Decrease Your Sex Power

Do you know why you get sexually weak? Here are the things that have made you sexually weak or soon they will do it. Save your sexual strength or get it back.

Sex is a great source of pleasure and joy. Our passion, erection, orgasm and enjoyments directly relates to how much we are sexually powerful. Our partner wants excitement and it comes while we are fit, healthy and strong from sexual point of view. Weakness or any kind failing may result in shame, disappointment and regression for the both of the sexual partners. Sometimes this situation causes mental disturbance and annoyance. The matter may go forward and even the relations may break too.

So what to do about this sexual weakness and failures? The first answer is the medications, sex products and some other unnatural techniques. I don’t say that all of those are bad and you should not use them. I have given a separate article on using sex medicines successfully. However nothing matches with original and natural fitness. It is a fact that sexual strength and stamina goes down as we get aged. So we shall have to take care otherwise we will have to face a big trouble.

Here I am giving some tips which will guard you against sexual weakness in all ages. Escaping adult content, I am using a word weakness, which may be taken as all kinds of sex weaknesses or irregularities in the males and females.

  1. Do not over sex. Make a limit in the days when you are fit otherwise you will have an unlimited weakness soon.
  2. Avoid Empty stomach medications. In this case you get internally heated and all kinds of your stamina go weakened. An empty belly medication has also an adverse effect on kidneys which are source of our sexual stuff.
  3. Do not go for sex early night. Let your body relax for some time. This time the body may behave over or lower sexual attitude which results in weakness later on.
  4. Do not sex soon after meals. Let your food be digested.
  5. Do not eat hot foods. Here from Hot I mean at higher temperature. Let it come on lower temperature.
  6. Do not drink wine. It boosts the sexual power for the time being and actually weakens for the coming times.
  7. Do nothing unnatural about sex. Limit yourself just to your partner. Every unnatural step takes you to the destruction.
  8. Don’t take sexual medication in high quantity or potency. Such medicines leave their effect with the time and uses. So better to take lesser and lesser.
  9. Avoid soda water and unnatural drinks.
  10. Do not compel yourself for the sex if your body is giving good response. It severely affects your sexual power.

Be happy and healthy!

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