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500 + Tattoo Designs Sorted from Past 5 Years’ Trends


Tattoo is a grace, fashion and inspiration. Here I have given a simple but top trending collection of tattoo designs for men. I consulted many galleries, internet and books and found the best ideas particularly for male. A design should not be only full of coloring but it should have a great meaning and inspirational message. A small triangle with a unique style sometimes brings a big joy in your life. A male and female, before getting a flash of coloring on the body, must concern the cost, least painfulRead More

In future Tattoo Ideas will give Meanings like this


A tattoo needs always an idea. It may be a simple or a small design but there is and must be a special meaning of it. All the designs both for men and girls convey a message to others about the tattooed person. A unique picture on the wrist of a female may vary its sense from sever love to hate badly. Similarly the symbols on the guys’ arm communicate about their inner self. A tattoo may have countless meaning depending upon the nature of men. A deep picture ofRead More

Make 1000+ Stunning Tattoos with Pen, on any Body Part

Make tattoo with Pen

How to Make a Tattoo? About 80% tattoo fans don’t want to go to Tattoo Parlor. Why? It is for a lot of reasons. They want a tattoo which they can remove easily. They wish a piercing without pain. They need a printing with the lowest cost. They are looking for tattooing process which may complete in short time. They just need a decorative body modification. Here is the best Homemade Solution. I will make you learn how to make a tattoo with pen. Actually the pen and deodorant areRead More