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How to Be Healthy and Happy in Life

health and fitness news and tips for americam working womens

We can write a book on the countless ways to keep healthy but I will tell you that what are the best habits for real health and happiness? It is not an essay to maintain a lifestyle or tips to make you fat but here are some excellent methods to stay, fit, strong, beautiful and happy. We shall discuss best behavior to have a naturally peaceful, faster and stress free body and mind. To keep oneself thin, is a good and even the best thing but we also need aRead More

How to Reduce Body Fat At Home without Exercise

How to Reduce Body Fat At Home without Exercise

It is a simple eating formula. You can reduce your body fat at home without exercise. Best remedies and tips to burn fat naturally, simply, fast and quickly just by eating food. Here are some fat cutting tips to help reduce your body fat at home. I have already given the tips on weight loss by changing your lifestyle, drinking more water, restricting calorie intake, eating limited carbs and having full and saturated healthy breakfast. Today we shall see some health tips on reducing fat without exercise and with healthyRead More

Fitness Tips Which Are Against Facts

Fitness Tips Which Are Against Facts

Best Fitness tips don’t mean that they are really best. Workouts and exercises work for health and fitness only with positive behavior. See what’s wrong. Our fitness tip of the day is not a new workout plan or some weight loss tips. Neither I am going to advise a nutrition tip, nor shall we discuss the old fitness facts. I am going to forbid you to adopt a long list of health tips. My fitness tip of the week is to cut something from your workout Plan. So make aRead More

What is Natural Speed and Cause of Hair Growth?

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How long does hair grow in a day and what causes hairs to grow faster? What helps the hairs to stand up and stay in our favorite hairstyle? Hairstyles no doubt depend upon the hair growth. A victim of alopecia or male pattern baldness has no option of haircuts and hairstyles. Hair loss sometimes leaves no option even for short hair styles. There are two main types of hair loss cure i.e. Hair transplant or to adopt an effective way to grow hair faster. But transplant is not an efficientRead More