Duchess of Cambridge Superb Fashion in India

Duchess of Cambridge Superb Fashion in India

Here is how Duchess Kate won the fashion world in India. Her glamour was shining in the eastern dress and Indian fashion market got a hang over. Kate has always been a fashion symbol not only in the royals but also in the whole world. Her styles, dresses and poses for photographers prove heart winning. This time Kate’s 20-outfit wardrobe was governing in the world of beauty. She was leaving behind the top ranked models and was acting on the Indian earth like a big cat walk. Just according toRead More

Cindy is the Mystery Girl of Bieber – Wow


Cindy Kimberly is the same girl about which Bieber shouted surprisingly. She is going to be a best fashion model from a simple school girl. Well Done Bieber. The people, who love Justine Bieber, would not have forgotten about the day when the Bieber uploaded a picture of a young teen girl. He also remarked as “O my God, who is this girl”. I don’t know why he wrote this as he is very tricky man but the thing I know is that the image got viral and viral. JustinRead More

A fashion Model Who Walked in Runway One Legged

Fashion Model

When New York fashion week presented a fashion model with one leg! It raised tickets, online likes and wonderful live stream viewers. She was Confident and happy. Fashion is glamour and glamour shines when comes to be unveiled. Fashion shows, Fashion TV shows and fashion weeks are the life of fashion. London fashion week, Paris fashion week and New York fashion weeks are some shows about which the people are always asking the dates. Fashion week Calendar always gives birth to top new fashion models and also revives the currentRead More

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