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Tattoos – Cares about Piercing a Tattoo Design

Tattoo Tips – Cares about Piercing a Tattoo Design

Here is what to care about piercing body art. Before visiting tattoo shop for tattoos, these are some things about designs and painting for men and women both. As the tattoos are getting common, the tattoo shops are introducing new and latest tattoo designs and styles. The same is the case with tattoo ideas and tattoo meanings. This body art is not bad but there are few things about which most of the pierced people think when they have made a tattoo on the body and just can regret atRead More

Critical Body Painting Precautions and Safety Tips

Body Painting

Fashion of face painting or full body painting may fix your beauty and skin in trouble. Before making body painting pictures or video read these precautions. Body painting involves many kinds of body paints, glitters, brushes and many other chemicals. While selecting an item from body paint supplies we should keep in mind the basic precautions and safety tips of body painting. Body paint models often get painted from some professional painter and don’t concern the painting material. After bodypainting festival 2015 there were some claims about skin and paints.Read More

How to Make a Henna Tattoo with 2 Ingredients

How to Make a Henna Tattoo with 2 Ingredients

I will tell you very simple way to make henna paste, henna cone, henna tattoo or mehndi deign which will be darker and long lasting. Your henna tattoo kits will no doubt contain henna, henna ink, henna paste, henna paint and many more other things but I am going to make you learn how to make henna tattoo or mehndi design with two ingredients only. For this purpose you can use homemade henna paste but I will also show you how to make henna tattoo paste easily. You will needRead More