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500 + Tattoo Designs Sorted from Past 5 Years’ Trends


Tattoo is a grace, fashion and inspiration. Here I have given a simple but top trending collection of tattoo designs for men. I consulted many galleries, internet and books and found the best ideas particularly for male. A design should not be only full of coloring but it should have a great meaning and inspirational message. A small triangle with a unique style sometimes brings a big joy in your life. A male and female, before getting a flash of coloring on the body, must concern the cost, least painfulRead More

In future Tattoo Ideas will give Meanings like this


A tattoo needs always an idea. It may be a simple or a small design but there is and must be a special meaning of it. All the designs both for men and girls convey a message to others about the tattooed person. A unique picture on the wrist of a female may vary its sense from sever love to hate badly. Similarly the symbols on the guys’ arm communicate about their inner self. A tattoo may have countless meaning depending upon the nature of men. A deep picture ofRead More

How to Make A Temporary Tattoo At Home – Tattoo Designs

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo At Home – Tattoo Designs

Here is very simple and easy way to make, draw or print a tattoo at home. You can draw any kind of tattoo design on nay part of the body easily and simply. Tattooing is a body art and contains countless tattoo designs and drawings. From a tattoo website you can easily tattoo pics and photos and get it on your body. A tattoo artist will draw tattoo images at some suitable price. Tattoo art is spreading worldwide and tattoo art lovers are creating cool and latest tattoo ideas dayRead More

BMI – Body Mass Index Calculation Formula and Chart

BMI – Body Mass Index Calculation Formula and Chart, bmi calculator , bmi chart , how much should i weigh , bmi formula , ideal weight , height weight chart, bmi calculator, men, women, kids, fitness

BMI is a number which tells you how much should you weigh? Here is an easy chart, BMI calculator and also a BMI formula for kids, adults, male and females. Body Mass Index definition What is BMI? BMI stands for body mass index. It is a number calculated from the ratio of weight and height. From this number you come to know either you have an ideal weight, underweight, overweight or obesity. When you calculate your BMI on a BMI calculator or a Chart, you actually want to know howRead More