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Why Acrylic Nails Fall Off – Causes and Cure

Why Acrylic Nails Fall Off – Causes and Cure

Here is why acrylic nails fall off and how can you make them last long. It is for all nail arts, nails designs, done at salon or at home. Artificial nails including acrylic nails add much to your beauty and personality. All fake nails are applied temporarily and can’t be fixed forever. And they should not be fixed for very long periods too. Nail art and nail designs are applied for specific timings and occasions. It is seen that sometimes acrylic nails start falling even they get best nails. Women onceRead More

what are the Best Nails to Get

What Kind of Acrylic Nails Should I Get

Among the range of fake nails which is the best nail for you. What makes the difference between the acrylic nails and gel nails? What to choose? What are the best fake nails to get? Previously we made you learn how to put acrylic nails step by step and here we shall know what are best fake nails to have? or which is the best of the acrylic nails and gel nails. I have also given a separate article on what is the difference between acrylic nails and gel nails. AcrylicRead More

This Dress Changes its Color with Modes and Situations


This dress changes its color with the change in behavior. It is converted to different beautiful shades and colors in accordance with the mode of the person. Easy check Clothing, and I should say, the best clothing is the first thing that brightens your personality. The dress color is one of the most important factors in all fashion trends. Our formal dresses contain different colors and designs. And when selecting the party dress and wedding dresses, the range of colors for dresses goes very long. Prom dress, maxi dresses andRead More