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In future Tattoo Ideas will give Meanings like this


A tattoo needs always an idea. It may be a simple or a small design but there is and must be a special meaning of it. All the designs both for men and girls convey a message to others about the tattooed person. A unique picture on the wrist of a female may vary its sense from sever love to hate badly. Similarly the symbols on the guys’ arm communicate about their inner self. A tattoo may have countless meaning depending upon the nature of men. A deep picture ofRead More

Reanalyzing Carbs-What are Carbohydrates


CARBOHYDRATES Carbohydrates are those foods that are broken down to sugars. There are different types of sugars that vary according to their chemical structure. Simple sugars, or monosaccharides, consist of glucose, fructose, mannose, galactose, and xylose. These sugars are effortlessly digested and absorbed. Disaccharides are plain sugars poised of two monosaccharides. Sucrose is a disaccharide consisting of fructose and glucose. Lactose is made up of glucose and galactose, while maltose is composed of 2 molecules of glucose. Polysaccharides are made up of 10 or more molecules. Some of these escapeRead More

What Happens when you Miss Oxidant foods – 1

antioxidants 1

ANTIOXIDANTS Part 1 of 2 Antioxidants are very important to our health, including lowering the risk of cancer. Antioxidant therapy has many benefits in the prevention of cancer, but it loses its effectiveness once cancer has developed. I repeat, it loses its effectiveness once cancer has developed. Antioxidants combat the effects of free radicals. We live in a time of too much free radical production causing damage. We will first describe what a free radical is and then give you examples of free radicals in the body. This will beRead More

What Happens when you Miss Oxidant foods – 2


Part 2 of 2 Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant and is one of the most important antioxidants. Vitamin E is used to break the chain reaction free radical damage that happens in cell membranes. This is important, as cell membranes are thought to regulate what goes in and out of the cell. Vitamin E is also protective for the fats, specifically LDL that float around in our blood. If LDL has free radical damage to it, it can lead to arteriosclerosis. Other Tocotrienols have been discovered and many offerRead More

High Protein Foods List – How Much Protein They Provide

High Protein Foods List – How Much Protein They Provide

Here is list of high protein fruits and vegetables with the amount of protein in them. This high protein food list will help you make a high protein diet plan. Protein is an important food nutrient for fitness. If you are looking for how to lose weight, the first thing that you should concern is the protein. A high protein intake also helps to build and preserve muscle mass. Previously I have told how much protein should you eat a day to gain muscle. Protein intake to lose weight isRead More