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This Food Makes Your Breakfast Healthy and Light


Among your healthy foods list, breakfast recipes and weight loss diets, you are missing one thing. It is easy, good and quick breakfast idea for all ages. Health and fitness is based on eating healthy foods and our eating starts from breakfast. So, healthy breakfast is good start for a healthy day. Healthy breakfast recipes stand on healthy diets and we get confused when we talk about long breakfast recipes. Doctors and fitness experts advise a proper meal plan and a list of fruits and foods to keep us fit.Read More

Top Three Healthy Breakfast Foods and Ideas

Healthy Breakfast Foods and Ideas

These are three ideas for your healthy breakfast recipes. These foods are best for kids, toddlers, men and vegetarians. They are also easy, quick and good diet for weight loss. There are countless ideas and recipes for healthy breakfast. Kids, toddlers, weight loss diet followers and vegetarians may need different foods according to their health requirements. Breakfast menus and lunch recipes are different in different regions. For example Indians will eat different food from Filipino and western people and so on. Breakfast is an essential part of our eating andRead More

BMI – Body Mass Index Calculation Formula and Chart

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BMI is a number which tells you how much should you weigh? Here is an easy chart, BMI calculator and also a BMI formula for kids, adults, male and females. Body Mass Index definition What is BMI? BMI stands for body mass index. It is a number calculated from the ratio of weight and height. From this number you come to know either you have an ideal weight, underweight, overweight or obesity. When you calculate your BMI on a BMI calculator or a Chart, you actually want to know howRead More