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Duchess of Cambridge Superb Fashion in India

Duchess of Cambridge Superb Fashion in India

Here is how Duchess Kate won the fashion world in India. Her glamour was shining in the eastern dress and Indian fashion market got a hang over. Kate has always been a fashion symbol not only in the royals but also in the whole world. Her styles, dresses and poses for photographers prove heart winning. This time Kate’s 20-outfit wardrobe was governing in the world of beauty. She was leaving behind the top ranked models and was acting on the Indian earth like a big cat walk. Just according toRead More

How to Select a Party Dress? Color, Style

How to Select a Party Dress Color, Style

Read how to choose the dresses for different parties. What are the best colors, designs, styles and matching for different kinds of kin tone, body shapes and figures? It is a hard task to select a dress for a party. The situation gets more complicated when you go to market and have to choose one among the hundreds and thousands of dress designs, styles and colors. There you find a variety in everything. It is easy to suggest others but difficult to select a best dress for you. Few yearsRead More

This Dress Changes its Color with Modes and Situations


This dress changes its color with the change in behavior. It is converted to different beautiful shades and colors in accordance with the mode of the person. Easy check Clothing, and I should say, the best clothing is the first thing that brightens your personality. The dress color is one of the most important factors in all fashion trends. Our formal dresses contain different colors and designs. And when selecting the party dress and wedding dresses, the range of colors for dresses goes very long. Prom dress, maxi dresses andRead More

How Much Clothes Does a Baby Need to Wear

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What to dress a newborn in different seasons? Here is a newborn baby clothes checklist for day time, night time and bed time. While purchasing baby clothes online you will either buy some beautiful baby girl clothes or in case you have a prince, you will chose some baby boy clothes. Selection of kids’ clothes especially the new born dress makes you confused. If you have your first baby, you will have to first decide how to dress newborn in all four seasons i.e. winter, summer, autumn and spring. FirstRead More