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Make 1000+ Stunning Tattoos with Pen, on any Body Part

Make tattoo with Pen

How to Make a Tattoo? About 80% tattoo fans don’t want to go to Tattoo Parlor. Why? It is for a lot of reasons. They want a tattoo which they can remove easily. They wish a piercing without pain. They need a printing with the lowest cost. They are looking for tattooing process which may complete in short time. They just need a decorative body modification. Here is the best Homemade Solution. I will make you learn how to make a tattoo with pen. Actually the pen and deodorant areRead More

How to make Henna Paste at Home from Scratch

How to make Henna Paste at Home from Scratch

Here is how to make henna paste from powder. It is the best homemade paste for all henna tattoos, mehndi designs, hairs and hands of men and women. Henna tattoos, henna designs or mehndi designs are temporary tattoos and famous all around the world. All tattoo designs like tribal tattoos, butterfly tattoos and angel tattoos can easily be made with henna or mehndi simply and easy. The difference between a pierced tattoo and henna tattoo is that a henna tattoo is temporary tattoo and will last for maximum up toRead More