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Make 30 Red Carpet Nail Art Designs in 3 Minutes

Simple Nail Art Designs, Step By Step, Without Tools, For Beginners, For Short Nails

Nails are the main element of females’ beauty. The hands remain always in front, so the nail designs represent the personality. Most often the girls and women need to do nail art at home due to budget and time management. The beginners often feel difficulty when it is to do without tools. The girls with short nails face more problems.

I have given here some simple but nice-looking easy nail art designs for short nails and long nails. You can make these finger tips drawings by hand without tools. I have illustrated the whole procedure with images. The photos will show you how to do it step by step.

As the short nails are always hard to be designed, no. 2 and 3 are best designs for short nails and even for very short nails.

Starting from 2016, we have seen many changes in the choices of pictures painted on the nails. In 2017 American girls liked bright and high colored designs while the parties of 2018 are showing simple nail art designs. So we need the designs which are not only simple but also pretty and eye catching.

Let’s start the process step by step

As you already know that you have to refresh your nails with warm water and nail polish remover. Make them dirt free, spot free, stain free and dried.

Then go to increase their look’s charm.

Note: I have illustrated only 3 designs. You can simply amend them to make 30 and even 300 more attractive.

Simple Nail Art Design 1 – Tribal Print

We shall also include 3D decor in this fascinating nail art

1 – Apply two coats of base coat. In my nail art sequence I used burnt orange dye. You can paint your own shade.

2 – With a toothpick make an irregular rough triangle on the moon of your nail

3 – Pack the color in it to make it filled

4 – Often the nail polish rises to the cuticle area. You can remove it with nail polish remover.

  1. Make some dots around the filled triangle. You can keep the color same. It is the finest color scheme. Or paint some matching shade.

6 – Apply a fine layer of top coat

  1. Add a triangle stud to the middle of the white triangle

And you are done.

This design can be easily modified and is best technique to adjust 3d décor.

Simple Nail Art Design 2 – Wavy

This design is an overtaking of plane stripe pattern. Instead of plane, we make the pattern wavy.

1 – Apply the base coat. I kept it white.

2 – With the help of a toothpick, create horizontal wavy lines.

  1. Don’t keep all the lines same, but some different zigzag.
  2. Fix up the outlines of the waves with the base color.
  3. Apply the top coat to give a finishing touch

You have created a simple and easy nail art at your home. It gives you the same vibe as a stripe mani but with an abstract twist.

Simple Nail Art Design 3 – Simple Flowers

With this method you can paint your nail moons with the pictures of different flowers.

1 – Apply the base coat; here I applied the sunny yellow shade

2 – To draw the flower, dip the toothpick in the color and start painting the flowers.

  1. First put a central dot, and then drag the dot to inward direction to make the petals.

4 – Draw as many flowers as you want

5 – Add a dot of a different color to the center

6 – Finish with a luxury top coat.

You have done a pretty and simple nail art design by hand and you used no tools.

All the techniques I mentioned here are clear of complication. You have an option of change in shades, styles and patterns.

May you live happy!

The whole article came from my own experience. I got some tips from GoodHouseKeeping, Wikipedia and StyleCraze etc

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