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In 2 Minutes Make 3 Cutest and Easy Nail Art with Toothpick

Nail Art easy

Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners Step By Step

Let’s create some Nail Art Designs for beginners. They will give charm and attraction to all kinds of nails including short nails. These designs are very easy and simple to make at home. You can make them by hand without any tools.

Images and videos of these designs have been trending from 2016 to 2018. A lot of nail art design galleries have given them full space as they are simple, easy to make and attractive.

I have tried to make every nail art easy and beautiful. It is a full step by step process which is very helpful especially for beginners. You have full choice to select the colors, shades of your own choice. There is also a broad option of make changes in all these effortless nail arts.

I will show you how to do it simply and easily with a toothpick without any expertise.

Let’s start!

First of all learn how to well prepare your nails, get rid of old polish layers, wash and neat clean the nails then begin the art.

Nail art Easy Design 1 – Metallic Gradient Dotti Cure

It comes out with a textured twist. Beginners can do it easily. If you could chose the best matching and attractive combination of colors, the dots on your nails will catch the eyes.

Step by Step Procedure

1 – Start with a sheer pinkish beige base color once that dries.

2 – Apply a matte topcoat and allow that to dry.

3- Now grab a metallic polish and paint the tip of your nail.

I think the mixed texture gives excellent finishing. You can add any interesting flair to this simple nail art design.

4 – By a toothpick balance the outline of the painted tip

5 – Start adding dots and continue to upward.

The height of the dots is on your own wish. You can keep them low, or you can take them over the middle. It is all upon to you.

It may be called the simplest design ever. This design is very suitable for short nails. Keep the shades according to your dressings. You will admit that simplicity is the real grace.

Nail art Easy Design 2 – Sorbet Swirl

For this design you can use any of your favorite bright colors. In the nails pictures I used hot pink and orange for a fruity sorbet kind of feel. You are not necessarily to follow the spot structures as I am showing in my nail design images. You can keep any color on any other, as you like.

Step by Step Procedure

1 – Apply the base coat

2 – Make 3 big dots of White color on the nail

3 – In the gaps Make 3 big dots of Pink leaving some gaps

4 – In the remaining gaps put the orange color.

5 – With a toothpick swirl them all

6 – Remove the excess polish with the tip of a new toothpick.

7 – If some goes outline or on the boundaries, dip a brush in the acetone and clean it up.

8 – You can also add a 3D décor piece if you like.

9 – Apply a gleaming finishing coat

Each girl and woman has its own choice. You can add more colors. When you keep swirling, the design itself asks for the next shade.

Nail art Easy Design 3 – Gumball Machine

Gumball machine gave me motivation for this design. Whenever you are in hurry, this nail art will save your time. If you are wearing a dress close fitted to your body figures, these balls will magnify your fingers. It is easy for beginners and also suitable for short nails.

Step by Step Procedure

1 – Apply a white base coat and wait until it is dried.

2 – Make an assortment of colors and keep the first color lightest, in my nail art images I used yellow in this technique.

3 – Make the dots with first color all over your nails.

4 – Fill the gaps with the second color and then with 3rd color.

5 – Fill up the complete nail with dots.

6 – Create a balance of shades. Keep the both colors dot equal.

7 – Finish with a kind layer of top coat to stop your stars from spreading.

It’s a super colorful fun gum ball design.

You saw how every nail art is easy to create. You can go for photos and pictures of different nails art designs and follow my method to make a sketch of your aspiration.

The whole ideas came through my own experience and innovations. For rectification I got some help from good house keeping, Wikipedia and Seventeen.

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