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Increase Your Sexual Fitness with Water

Increase Your Sexual Fitness with Water

Find here when and how much water is useful for your sexual power and energy. What is the best time and the proper amount of water to boost your sex and muscles?

Water is the most used drink in the world and is drunk in a lot of shapes. About all of our foods and even the dry foods too contain some quantity of water. So it is not new to discuss the benefits of water. Water directly affects our fitness, weight and body mass number. It may both decrease and increase your weight. Similarly it may be both useful and harmful for any of your body functions. It is upon you that how you use it.

We shall be confined to the use of water for our sexual fitness. There is great affect of water on our sexual power and stamina. Water directly concerns our sex system. This fact is equal for both male and female. So, the question is when and how much water to drink to boost your sexual strength?

Here is the answer.

  1. In the Morning – Drink at least 1 glass just after waking up. Don’t be hurry. Let your body come out of long relaxation conditions. If you can’t drink the whole glass, start from 1 cup and have a daily gradual increase. Empty belly water washes your stomach, regularize your blood flow and clean your kidneys. All these three factors are directly concerned to your sexual power, mating wish, timing influence and stamina.
  2. During Meals – Drink some water before meal. You must drink during the meal and should never drink after meal. Drinking water at the end of your meal slows down stomach, causes extra absorption and stops the bowl. This factor reduces the speed of kidney working and you know that the sex starts from our kidneys.
  3. Before Bed – Take at least one glass before sleep. You will have only 1 trouble that you may have to wake up for urination. But we can’t leave everything staying there in the stomach for the whole night. When you or your partner will desire sex and your stomach is busy, you will face trouble and your sexual organs will not respond properly to support your wishes. So it is better to sip some drops.
  4. Before sex – Just drink some water before and after sex. If you take some orgasm or erection medicine then this drinking is must. Water before sex doesn’t let you melt internally. Drinking water after sex brings back your muscle temper and fulfills the fluid deficiencies. Your sex system rapidly prepares the stuff you lose there out. And you can go again with the good energy.

Do not believe in the excessive water power claims. Never drink excessive quantity of water. It is rather harmful.

Enjoy your life!

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