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How to Select a Party Dress? Color, Style

How to Select a Party Dress Color, Style

Read how to choose the dresses for different parties. What are the best colors, designs, styles and matching for different kinds of kin tone, body shapes and figures?

It is a hard task to select a dress for a party. The situation gets more complicated when you go to market and have to choose one among the hundreds and thousands of dress designs, styles and colors. There you find a variety in everything. It is easy to suggest others but difficult to select a best dress for you. Few years ago it was must to go to market and bazaars for dress shopping but now online dress shopping has changed the trend. Similarly the color choices and style selection have gone to a modern mode.

While selecting a dress, the first thing is the party or event type. Secondly you are to consider your skin color, shade and the outlook of your face, figure and body. You are also to keep in mind the price of the dress. It is often seen that we like the dress which later on appears to be out of expected cost. I have given here few points which I hope to be helpful for selecting a dress for party.

  1. What dress for what occasion?

The celebration or the occasion is the first thing to be considered. The male have a hard situation in this regard. The females being naturally beautiful have comparatively low competition. I know everyone claims the women for being rigid about dressing, but it is assured that these are men. Don’t go long and confused. Select the color for your skin tone. Here are some suggestions according to my clothing and dress experience.

Color and Fabric

  1. For the evening tea parties or celebrations Dark and solid colors are best.
  2. In high lighting night parties you should go with a printed design and dense colors.
  3. If you like light colors as grey or brown, you will find best matching for all types of parties.
  4. As concerned fabric, never wear denim or cotton in cocktail parties.
  5. Silk, satin, or glossy synthetic fabrics are best dresses for formal parties.

Dress Style and Body Shape

  1. If you have pear shaped figures, chose wide hip and narrow shoulders.
  2. A flattering dress draws attention to the hips so for triangle and wedge figures, they are best selection.
  3. Rectangle figures will emerge with scoop necks and sweetheart-necked dresses, ruching on the sides, and ruffles.
  4. If you have apple shaped figures, solid colors rather than prints, belts high at the waist, and v-necks will suit you.

The cost and price are your own selections. You know better about the traffic from your wallet or pocket. I have only tip and that is responsive expenses. I mean spend for a friend just as he or she did or will do for you. Attraction or personality is your but party is not your. If someone is miser to your celebrations, we should not be generous for him.

Be happy and be looked charm.

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